Sonicare brush head: Possible to clean after infection?

I just recently got over a bacterial infection of the tonsils. Everytime I have these problems the Dr. tells me to throw away my toothbrush. He assumes I’m using a cheap $3 brush when really I have a $15-20 head for my Sonicare.

Now I’m not really that strapped for cash and I could buy a new one, but couldn’t I just place the sucker in a bit of boiling water for a few minutes and kill anything and everything that could possibly be living on it?

What do you think? Let me know. Thanks in advance for your comments!

I don’t have a Sonicare, but when I think to, I pop the head off of the toothbrush and stick it in the silverware basket for a run through the dishwasher. I’m sure it’s not a true sterilization, but I don’t think much will survive the hot water and chlorine.

You can also sterilize the old fashioned way. Drop the head into boiling water. No guarantee that it won’t ruin something, though.

I periodically soak my Oral B toothbrush heads as well as my regular toothbrush in polident denture cleaner. I can’t quite remember where I learned that, but it may have been in the manual with the Oral B.