Sonny Barger

The infamous Hell’s Angel has his own website.

I can’t imagine why this would surprise me.

What? Sonny’s cool. Read his book. He never did anything wrong, it’s all their word against his. He’s been a perfect Angel.

Ok, I realize he’s possibly :rolleyes: a criminal, but ya gotta give the guy some credit, he’s not boring and has balls the size of Toledo. Supposedly he’s mellowed and living right with the world.

I wanted to go to his book signing in South Bend (I was invited by one of the Angels I met) but chickened out when none of my buddies would go with me. I didn’t want my ass kicked for riding a Goldwing.

Shit. Everyone has their own website. I’d be more surprised if he didn’t have one.

I read somewhere that Barger said he believes that Honda motorcycles are more powerful and dependable than Harley-Davidsons and would have been a better choice for outlaws. Or the Angel you met might have been setting you up to take an ass-kickin because you ride a Goldwing.

When I first moved to Phoenix I was riding around with a friend in Scottsdale and he pointed in the rearview and said, “See that guy on the motorcycle behind us? That’s Sonny Barger.”

Having read a book about the Hell’s Angels a few years earlier, I knew exactly who he was, but couldn’t quite discern if that was really him or not.

Yeah, his autobiography will make you laugh and cringe all at once, but it’s an interesting read. He’s definitely not a model citizen, as shown by the rap sheet he thoughtfully included as an appendix in the book. But it’s also true that bikers do get some unwarranted persecution just for being bikers.

Straight from “Hell’s Angel,” one of my favorite books: