Sony PS3 finally gets something right? Playstation Home details revealed

Hot off the press.

I don’t own a PS3 or plan to in the foreseeable future, but this looks pretty slick. I’m not really a big Second Lifer / The Sims guy, but I know a lot of other people are. This will probably be pretty popular.

Perhaps the PS3 isn’t dead in the water? Thoughts?

[be sure to check the video in the link above]

Once you get past the absolute buffoons working in upper management and marketing at Sony, there really are some brilliant and creative people there. This indeed looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to check it out when I get my PS3 a year or two. :slight_smile:

So, is this announcement the reason SCEA treated Kotaku, and specifically Brian Crecente, like crap last week? Link to story. The product idea doesn’t look bad, but it’s already attached to a PR disaster…

It looks neat, but the PS3 still costs $600 and has no great games (and very few games, period).

Well, I guess I’ll be the first to denounce this as total garbage.

Keep in mind I base this entirely off of what we’ve learned thus far, so I’ll reserve final judgment until I can try it out for myself.

What Sony has done is essentially shoe-horned Second Life into the PS3’s OS. This “virtual world” just adds a layer of crap that one must wade through to accomplish what could otherwise be handled via a simple menu system (ala Xbox Live).

Do I really want to go to my virtual friend’s house and tap him on his virtual shoulder to indicate I want to play a game? Or sit on his virtual couch to watch a movie?

And I’m not too keen on the realistic avatar thing. First off, I’ve found it a pain to recreate someone that looks even remotley like myself in any game’s robust editor. Conversly, I was able to create a near (cartoonish) look-alike Mii within minutes on Wii.

Furthermore, Home doesn’t seem to have any style once-so-ever. It looks like the Sims, except with even less style. Ugh.

Eh. I have yet to a see a Mii that bares more than a passing resemblance to the person it is meant to represent.
And I’ve seen a whoollleeee lot of clones running around.

To each their own, but as mentioned, I find it a lot easier to identify a who a Mirr represents than any of their counterparts in the more realstic editors.

As announced, it’s not a bad set up. Hopefully every gamer at this point knows that the distance between what a game company announces and what a game company releases is best measured by astronomers, but the system they laid out could work very well.

I’m still not sold on the idea that online play is a major factor for console gamers at this point. Still, if it was announced a while ago and attached to a console that wasn’t driving people away then I could definitely see Playstation Home cutting into XBox Live’s market. That is not the case, though. I don’t foresee this package justifying a $200 premium for Sony.

On a related note, I finally saw Wii’s on a store shelf last night. Looks like they’re finally hitting saturation and we’ll start being able to get a better measure of how the horse race is going.

Obviously there are a lot of question about the exact implementation. I suppose there might just be a text matching thing, and I can’t imagine that you’ll have to slog through the (at least) 1 million+ people who will end up there. There will probably be zones a la XBL (Recreational, Pro, Family, Underground) or possibly more. Of course the exact details are just absolute speculation and as Just Some Guy notes, the difference between what’s announced and what’s implemented is usually astronomical.

However, I guess my point as the OP was simply that I think this is a good step for them. As most people note, any news item from the last several months dealing even remotely with Sony has been bad – bad decisions, bad PR, etc.

I’m certainly no PS3 apologist or even a Sony “fan” per se, but I like to think I’m rational and objective enough to admit when they do something that seems like a good move, even (especially?) when it’s a move I really have no personal interest in.

That is so true. My boyfriend and I spent hours fiddling with ourselves in Tiger Woods 2007 and we still look nothing like us. My Mii is okay; his is a dead ringer. Most of his friends have dead ringer Miis too - I guess they’re just easily caricatured people.