Sophia Stewart still trying to claim _Matrix_ & _Terminator_ plagiarism

Updating this 5½-year-old thread

Recent articles and blogs like this claim she won her suits but are just rehashing the erroneous one from 2004. Those were thrown out of court in 2005 after Ms. Stewart did not appear at her initial hearing.

She did see a victory in August of 2009, though; a Utah judge ruled that she could present her malpractice case against her former lawyers. This case (2:07-CV-00552 (5 page PDF)) was denied a month later due to lack of evidence presented by the plaintiff.

A message board devoted to black authors purportedly has a letter from a North Carolina attorney to the US Attorney General supporting Ms. Stewart’s quest.

Meanwhile, a blog called The Divine Oracle Sophia not only claims she won both cases but also includes a disclaimer that “[her] court case is ongoing” on every page.

That’s because the court case is only ongoing here in the Matrix. In the real world, she totally won! Open your mind, man!

There is no case…

err… spoon.

There is a case. A nut case.

If I had a dime for every time I have an idea for a movie, software, invention, or whatever and then later discovered someone else had it and made it (whether originally before or after my idea), well, I’d at least have enough to buy a new car.

Two I remember in particular were a television show I told a bum, and then it came out a month later on Nickelodeon, and the idea of hooking up my NES to a modem, a concept that had already been used in Japan. I’m not stupid enough to think the people I told about it actually somehow got the information and got it made into something.

Yeah, I tend to find that the person who have “super secret, can’t tell anyone or they’ll steal it, idea for a story” generally could benefit from reading more cause originality is really damn hard these days. When you get down to it you could probably find most of those ideas on publishers “don’t even bother submitting list”. It’s the literary equivalent of all those people who suddenly get the idea to attach a dynamo to a generator and think that they’ll change the world with their mad physics hax skills.

It’s not the idea that counts it’s the work involved in developing them, the skill to present them in a legible form, and the contacts to pitch them to.

I think she should admit she read Snow Crash and got the idea for the Matrix there. Oops…no lawsuit then.