Sopranos: Season III Question (Open Spoilers)

I know an awful lot about guns, but I have always wondered what Vito was using, ever since they showed it in closeup in Season 3. Recently I stumbled across that scene online. Click here to see the scene; it’s at 11 seconds in. You get the best look at it if you put click on full screen and hit pause.

It looks like a .380 Auto, but other than that, I have no clue.
Note: the snippet of an episode I have linked to is only 17 seconds long.

The original title of the thread was, “What gun did Vito whack Jackie Jr. with?” – CKDH

Man, you’re telling me someone got whacked in the Sopranos? Gee, way to ruin the series for me… I was going to borrow the DVDs from a friend, but now, what’s the point?

Hell, I just found a clip that strings together EVERY death in the show’s entire run. It’ something like 40 people, about 3/4 of them whacked. That’s an average of 4.5 whacks a season or so.

Ah, is it this clip?

I found that a while ago when I was first getting into it.

This is the clip updated to include all the deaths, including the ones from the second half of season six.

Yeah, that’s it, although I didn’t want to link to it. You never know what it takes to get a thread locked these days. :rolleyes:

We received a few reported posts about a spoiler in the thread title, so I edited it and warned everyone of open spoilers. Since the edit removed the name of the person being whacked by Vito, Lizard, you may want to ask the question again. (My fault; I should have written down the name before I changed the title so I could repost right now.)

No wonder I couldn’t find this thread after I got home!

Anyway, I swear I know that pistol. The slide gives it away, but for the life of me I can’t remember who makes it. Off to research!

Oops. Sorry…am I in trouble, mods?

Anyway, it was Jackie who was whacked by Vito.

A-ha! It’s a Kahr PM-9!

I don’t think so, silenus. If you freeze that scene on the closeup of the pistol and then compare it to the Kahr, there are clear differences. The Kahr uses the classic Browning tilting-barrel lockup system, which requires a larger slide, with the recoil spring underneath the barrel. The gun Vito is using has a very small, square slide just barely big enough to go around the barrel. It is obviously a blowback gun.

As for spoilers, that never ocurred to me, since the show was first aired four years ago. I figured anyone who cares would know by now. But I’ll keep that in mind I guess.

As for the original question it was:

What was the gun that Vito used to whack Jackie Aprile Jr.?

You’re right. I don’t see the slide lock on the pistol in the clip. Back to the research.