SOR in the Delta Gamma email

In the viral sorority email that we’re talking abouthere, the following line is puzzling me:

What’s “SOR” in this context? Some type of intra-college or intra-greek disciplinary procedure, I’m guessing?

Special Occurrence Report? Kinda like telling on them?

Sex Offender Registry (seeing as how the redacted information indicated she’d be applying her foot to their groinal regions in an accelerated manner)?

From the context I’d guess SOR=sorority. She wants to criticize her sisters for their actions. The sisters response would be you cant criticize me because I’m SOR ie. Im in your sorority and therefore you should support all my actions.

I think Student Organization Representative. Or rather, reporting the sender to the sorority’s SOR.

Here’s a random job description for a SOR in pdf format.

There was that “Hearing” in Animal House where Marmalarde and Wormer were sitting at the table in front with Babs taking notes, Niedermeyer was reading the charges against the Deltas, and Otter made a very stirring speech. Maybe that was an SOR or the result of one?

“Statement of Reason,” where a sorority sister fills out an SOR form to request that this person be removed from office or removed from the sorority.

It means a Statement of Obligation Review. If you do something that goes against the statement of obligation to the chapter and the sorority, you get an SOR to figure out how to deal with it.

One hopes that DG normally handles SORs a bit faster than this (but the answer is at least correct).