Sorry bout last night

It was my first time coming to the board, and I did not know that that question was asked prior. I just asked to pick peoples brains, didnt think it was such a major deal, but others did, oh well, Im sure you will get over it. And manhattan, its not nice to threaten people, and watch your step. =)

Maybe you’re joking, I went looking for the thread to which you seem to be referring, and can’t find it. However, it seems to me, you’re apologizing and then making a reproof to manhattan about threatening people and then * you issue your own threat. *

Being supposedly new, maybe a quick lesson in etiquette might help. You don’t make a favorable impression when you then write veiled threats to a class act moderator.

It’s here, presently on page 2. It’s a closed thread.

And, don’t insult or threaten Manny. He’ll kick your ass.

So how are old are you anyways? 12?

Batter up, manny.