Sorry Coldy hun I can't let this go.....please forgive me

Krispy said:

Well um two lines or 33 lines I said what I had to say. I don’t think I was out of line nor was I acting out of some unacceptable norm.

I do, however, question your motive for pointing out the exact amount of lines of my post. I mean really, what is the nature of counting my lines, which I didn’t do so I don’t know if you are telling the truth. It’s never the amount of words a person posts, it’s about the message. See something here?

Again, it’s about the message not the number of words.

OH BTW are the “lines” I write the same at all resolutions?

I should just stay out of this but I won’t :slight_smile:

Techie, I think what he was TRYING to say is that you seemed to be acting sort of like a moderator. Knowing that you’re a mod on Fathom, and having seen you post here for a LONG time, I kinda have to agree with him - somewhat.

However, I agree that you should be able to post any damn thing you want, to a certain extent, without being called on it.

my two cents, fwiw, which ain’t much…

Since the other thread dealing with my serial killer game has been closed I figure that, because reference to the my game thread in MPSIMS will most likely occur in this thread, that I should use this opportunity to assure everyone that I certainly didn’t mean any harm by signing on as another user. It was naive of me to think that it wouldn’t cause a problem just because it was a game and also to think that playing a game constitutes an excuse to bend the rules. If ever I’m in any doubt about any of the other board rules I will seek advice from a moderator first.

My apologies to those concerned.

BTW - For what it’s worth the method I was using to pick off my victims was based on counting the amount of characters (including spaces) in the posters names. If you had an even number of characters you would live but if you had an odd number of characters then uyour days were numbered.

Fair enough, TheVoiceOfReason. Thanks for explaining.

Techie, I think Krispy was mostly talking about your posts -in the now closed thread- that were made after Lynn Bodoni and myself had chimed in to explain a few things. Stating your opinion is one thing, but to keep on pounding at the matter after the “official” verdict is there is another. Of course, he’s free to correct me when I’m wrong. If I understood him right, I can sort of see where he’s coming from.

Which is not to say that I (or any other moderator for that matter) don’t appreciate the help we get from posters sometimes. We do! Many a time when I open an ATMB thread, posters like waterj2 have already provided an answer to the OP. I receive countless e-mails from posters, giving me a heads-up on a possible crisis situation (like a possible new troll, or a returning one). That’s all fantastic help, and we value that greatly. Techie, you are often among those people giving us a hand. However, what you did this morning was repeating the same things over and over again, even though the matter had already been resolved.

Krispy asked you to stop that, I responded in jest, you took it very seriously, Krispy and you got into a bit of a shouting match. Since the OP had already been answered, I closed the thread.

You don’t need my permission to open a new Pit thread, Techie. But I doubt this will do you any good.

If it was a “shouting match” then it wasn’t me doing any of the shouting…I didn’t shout anything.

However, Let’s just forget it. Drop it. Ok? Sorry Tech, I never meant for you to get so upset over my comments. It wasn’t personal from my perspective…but if I offended you, then please accept my apology. It’s all my fault…guilty as charged…K? Provided you accept the apology then this is…THE END

Hmmm, a mod has weighed in; the target has apologized; someone has apologized because he thinks he might have triggered the whole pissing match…
Dammit, I’d love to except I don’t know what y’all are talking about NOR do I much care.

< putting on my ass-kicking boots just in case >

[sub] Hey! She’s given me PERMISSION to do this as needed. [/sub]

Of course you couldn’t. :rolleyes:

heehee…and here I was trying to be subtle when I wanted to say exactly the same thing…

I just wanted to check to see if anyone else saw the name/sig match.

Never mind.

I was, of course, referring to my Lava Lamp :cool:

Give it up Liz. I tried to help several times and failed, instead getting angry posts and e-mails saying “you’re not a fucking Moderator, stop acting like one, freak.” Posting Jophiel’s #straightdope boilerplate normally gathers about 2-3 e-mails alone from people who tell me to “mind my own motherfucking business”. I could not even defend Eutychus and get support from anybody, including Euty, so I’ve quit.

Just walk away - let’s go have a drink. I’ll take a Pina Colada, and being from Colorado…a Coors for you, I presume?


I was away from the situation for a day and a half, had to make some serious changes to a long project…OY, not fun.

Anyhow, I said what I had to say and if I was looking like a moderator, I am sorry but I do feel we all have a voice here. I was doing my best to explain to Krispy my situation without pulling out the old techchick that would fly off the handle and be a complete and total bitch. I guess being a complete and total bitch is preferred.

Oh and aenea? Bite me.
Una – ICK Coors ICK, I’ll take a Molson Ice.

You’re obviously the biggest bitch on the planet, we’re agreed, OK?


Keep it up, I am sure you will make a smash hit here!

Nice first post!

sockpuppet possibly? Naw, well maybe, could be? Eh possible…

Oh and I pretty much figured I said all I was gonna say, so, < yawn > you bore me. But this was a nice little thing to see before I go to bed…called techbitch, like that’s anything new. < yawn >

Hi, Whammy!

You’re obviously very astute. I wish I could be like you. I should go to the library and read more often. Or I got to go back to school. 'Cuz I shore think you’re a genius!

By the way, do you play Origami? It’s a fun game.

I used to give myself origamis, but mamma said it’d make me go blind.

Origami, Origami, where have you been, origami.

I used to play origami, but it made no sense, so it was sent away.