Sorry Tennessee

Something I’ve noticed while watching television, especially informercials and advertisements with special offers if one orders right now. Tennessee is almost always on the list of states where an offer is not valid. What is with the Tennessee legislature that keeps their residents from being victim to such special offers that could save them money or get them free gifts?

Just glad that I don’t live in Tennessee.

Makes me praise their legislators.

Spoken like someone who’s never lived here. Our legislators about probably on par with the Texas legislators, but our state doesn’t have a columnist of Molly Ivans calibur to zing 'em.

Here some of the reasons why you’ll see “sorry TN” in an ad:

1.) No state income tax, so those financial services which promise great savings with their tax plans, can’t give you a break on your state taxes because the only ones Tennesseans pay are sales taxes (plus the usual federal taxes, property taxes, etc.)

2.) Insurance programs (like that pharmacy card). TN got permission about 10 years ago to change the way Medicare is handled in this state. For a couple of years it worked quite well, then suddenly the program was running into problems (way too complicated to go into here) and a lot of companies opted out of TN because its such a headache to deal with the state people that they just cut TN out since they’d be losing money on everything.

3.) Many of your “As Seen On TV” companies are based in TN, so they can’t give a break on sales tax.

4.) It literally takes a minimum of two years to get a major law passed in this state, so if its something that needs a change in the law before it can be offered here, its not going to happen rightaway, if ever. (I’m not kidding, this has to do with how the state constitution’s written.) Since there’s not a large population in this state, (there’s more people in NYC than all of TN), its not worth the time and the money to lobby the state legislature to get the laws changed.

There’s probably other reasons as well, but those are the only ones I can think of at the moment.