"Sorry this video is no longer available" on Yahoo!

Every time I try to click on a video link through Yahoo, I get the message “Sorry, this video is no longer available.” It doesn’t appear to be browser related - it happens both with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Many times, I will get an ad first, and it plays just fine, then I get the video not available message, then the ad will start playing again.

I don’t have this problem with YouTube or news sites or videos from anywhere else, it’s just Yahoo. (In fact there have been times that Yahoo has had a video from, say, ABC News, and I can’t watch it on Yahoo, but I can go to the ABC News site and watch it there.) I’ve googled the problem but most of the hits I get are just other people with the same issue, but no answers.

Anybody else run into this problem? Any ideas how to get around it? (Other than avoiding Yahoo.)

Can you give us links to an example or two?

One example is the link to the Spider-Man trailer in this CS thread. I’m at work right now but I can provide more examples later after I get home.

As a test from my work computer this morning I clicked on a Yahoo video link of the space shuttle landing and it played just fine, so it is obviously some setting on my home laptop that is causing the problem. It’s just weird that it only happens on Yahoo and nowhere else.

Okay, here is another example: Woman sucked into whirlpool at Niagara Falls.

And an interesting observation. I could not get this video to play on the home laptop. I could not get it to play on the home desktop. I could not get it to play on my work laptop using my home wireless network. (The ads play just fine - I’ve seen ads for Nissan, Walgreens, some hair care product…)

Where it gets weird though, is that after I tried to play it on my work computer and got the “video is no longer available” message, I logged in to my work’s VPN and tried to play it again - and the video played just fine.

So obviously the problem is in my home wireless network, but the question remains: why would I be able to stream video from everywhere except Yahoo?

My stepson added another data point: he says that when clicks on links to movie trailers that go through Yahoo, he gets the same error, but sometimes there is a link for an HD version of the trailer and he is able to stream the HD version just fine.

I am having the same exact Yahoo video issue with all the computers on my home WiFi network. I can’t seem to find any information or troubleshooting that will correct the problem. Have you found a solution besides avoiding Yahoo?

I’ve noticed the same thing, but only at work. I always assumed it was firewall related or being blocked by the filters.

When I click on that link, I see a video about a guy who jammed a pair of scissors in his eye.