soulsling meets Dante passing through Hell - 0r - My last three months! Oy!

So, there’s this time of the year when most of the big and not so big financial firms and companies in the world decide they need to share their financial statements and reports with all their shareholders in the most fanciful way possible right? Yeah, right, this time of year, only, it starts about three months ago…
So I’m sunk in the busiest season of the year my company has, designing all these Annual Reports and suddenly being stuck working seven days a week, 10-14 hours a day without any breaks at all for three months… this I consider par for course since accepting this job, but the load grew heavier than I or the company expected, and the stress levels started to rise…


One of my cats was in major pain. Howling constantly, as if she were in heat, but she was in heat for quite longer than would be normal, so I call the vet (this was two weeks ago), and he figures it’s nothing, why not bring her in. Ok, she needs to be spayed(spaded sp?). I know nothing, I’m just a civilian now, he’s the doc. Ok, I drop her off the next morning before work at the vets, they tell me I can pick her up at 3pm that same day.
I don’t know any better, so I do, and lo and behold, we get home…

Blood everywhere, she twists and turns violently puking everywhere, vomiting her guts out, bleeding through her stitches, more blood than I can hope to imagine on my worst enemy. The pillow I laid her on, the cushions inside her carrier, my shirt, pants and arm and hand and her, are all soaked in blood, i’m falling into a kind of delusional trance, and suddenly, my infantry training snaps and I’m performing first aid on my cat. I’m dressing the wound with a plastic bag and applying pressure, holding her steady, the bleeding slows, I call the vet with one hand free now, the poor thing isn’t moving, she’s whimpering…

The Vet: Is it alot of blood?
Me: How much is alot of blood? If it were me, I’d hope I was in the emergency room…
The Vet: Well, it should stop, but if not, bring her back in…


Ok, it stopped, I try letting her stand a bit, she falls over, pukes more, bleeds all over again, I call again.
The vet isn’t there anymore, he’s gone, so I bring her to another animal hospital where they find out her veins all collapsed and she lost so much blood she was near death, they bring her in for surgery.
The original operation was botched, wrong kind of stitches apparently on the inside, that’s why she was bleeding, and they shouldn’t have let her out so early he says.
I still had to pay for everything.

Two apartments I’d been looking at, the deals fell through. One couple decides last minute they don’t want to leave, the other, can’t becuase their new home isn’t ready. Then I find one yesterday, this being the end of my busy season as well, it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Just before the cat episode, my girlfriend and I break up. What makes it rougher, is, I still care about the girl, but I know we can’t be together, but we want to be room mates. She more than anything… I’m a sap.

I need sleep, some days off, a good meal, and a sunny day…
Is that too much to ask for?

But like Candide, I’ll just keep having faith that it’s all for the best somehow… Just gotta find a garden to farm…

Glad to hear you survived. You sound like you need a month off not a couple of days. Maybe a week of sleep. A week of sleep and taking walks. A week of sleep, taking walks, and reading. A week of sleep, taking walks, reading, and spending time with friends. A then take another week for whatever.

Can’t understand the ex-gilfriend and you wanting to be roommates. Are you sure its a good idea because it just sounds like trouble?

Geez man, I’m really sorry. How much torment can one go through? You’re working hard to set that record.

At least you’re a ways through your company’s busy season. Hopefully, once it ends, you’ll be better able to get a better grip on things.

That’s terrible about your kitty. If it were a human, you could sue for mal-practice. But, making you pay to fix a problem they made, that’s just a slap in the face. Hope that she’s feeling better.

I’m sure that the apartment deal will work out. Once the busy season ends, you’ll have more time to deal with it.

Now, I’d be extremely careful about staying roommates with your GF. IMHO, you’re just setting yourself up for a world of hurt. Just be careful.

It’ll get better. It always does.

I can not even say how sorry I am to hear about your last three months {{{{{soulsling}}}}} and {{{{{soulsling’s cat}}}}} . I hope everything gets better for you now.

I would like to chime in with everyone else, I don’t think you should be roommates with you ex, it’s just a bad idea.

hugs to soulsling

Sorry about the rough times. It all sounds suckity-suck-suck. Hope things look up. You are a stronger person that I am if you can live with your ex, but I’m not gonna say it’s a bad idea. You know if you can handle it or not, just be honest with yourself.

extra hugs

Ouch. That’s rough, man. I don’t have any advice, so I’ll just offer a <pat on the back>. Hope things start looking up!

**{{{{{soulsling}}}}} **, I really hope everything will turn for the better for you soon.
You’re such a good person and deserves the best.

Thanks people.
Looks like I’m moving in two weeks to Brooklyn, so, here’s the story on the pad…
Guy who used to live there was in some kind of financial trouble, really big time though, this is why I figure. He ditched without paying rent in July last year, but the landlady could only get the Marshall to come out and open the place yesterday. I got to see it at the same time they did. He changed locks, added locks, and ditched. The front door was banged up pretty well, and there were scribbles all over it to the effect of…“You have 6 days @$$ hole! and it’s 600 not 400!”…“Vito was here, don’t miss him next time”…“Your’e dead”… and some other stuff that was scratched out and wiped over…, pretty scary. The bathroom was covered wall to wall and floor to ceiling with trash bags filled, the sink overflowing with dishes, the fridge I don’t dare describe, the floor, lets not go there…

All in all, I can’t beat the rent, and the landlady is a friend of the family’s, and she said she’s gonna fix everything up new. New bathroom, new sink, fridge, stove, cabinets, carpeting, tiling, painting…
So, as long as “Vito” doesn’t stop by, I think I’m in for a nice treat.

Don’t know what to say about my ex being a room mate, I can’t just kick her out now anyway because she’s got no where to go really, and she does pay rent and cook and clean as much as I do now. Until her next semester starts at school, I’m not pushing the issue, but for the next few months, I think I can deal with being with her in the same apartment.

That’s a hell of a story… hope things in your life improve dramatically after your move to Brooklyn… it worked for me.

Good luck, soulsling!

{{{{soulsling and kitty}}}}}

It sounds as if life has got you down a bit and couldn’t resist giving you a few swift kicks in the groin, as long as you’re down there ya know.

I’m not going to bore you with all the sad, sorry details of my life. Let’s just say I know how it feels when your whole life seems to fall to shit right before your eyes, apparently thru no fault of your own. This last year has been one horror show after another but I still won’t give in to the dispair. That would be too easy and I’ve never done things the easy way.

I’ve found out that I am stronger than I knew. I have so many positive things going for me, I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I have a wonderful loving husband, 2 great kids, 2 great dogs and I’m healthy mentally and physically.

Fuck all that other shit.

Ok sorry to get off on a tangent. I guess what I’m trying to say albeit in a self-centered and long-winded way is that you are right. There is nothing wrong with you that some sleep, some days off, a good meal, and a sunny day won’t cure. Remember when life has you down, you’re in a perfect position to punch him in the balls. See how he likes that for a change.

BTW I don’t think you’ll be seeing the former tenant anytime soon. I’m pretty sure I saw him cast as the hit of the week in the Soprano’s on HBO.

Ah, hon. What a rough run of luck. I’m sorry.

I am doing this right now. One word of advice. DON’T!! Not a good thing…