Sound Bar Compatibility


Is there a list and/or video that tells us which flat screen smart TV’s match up with which soundbar and those one should not bother to purchase. Example: I haved a Philips TV, but I’m leery about buying a bar which may not be compatible with the television.



What do you mean by compatible? If yin mean “does it work” that’s going to depend on which audio outputs your TV has and which inputs the sound bar has. That’s easy to look up, although I doubt modern versions of each would be incompatible.

If you mean more specific things like “are the remotes compatible” that might be trickier. Our Samsung sound bar cannot be controlled by our Samsung TV remotes, which is annoying.

Sound bars are agnostic. They don’t care what brand TV they’re sitting under. Just check that the sound bar can accept whatever kind of audio out connection your TV offers. Toslink (optical digital) is common, as well as HDMI and RCA jacks.