Sound bytes for Computer

When I had my first 486 many a moon ago I used to enjoy downloading sound bytes and replacing all the noises and quotes from movies and replacing my computer sounds.

The sound of and arrow and Eric Idles, “Messege for you sir” replaced “You’ve Got Mail” etc.
The windows boot up noice was replaced with
“Welcome humans, I’ve been execting you” from some sci fi movie.
Are there still good sites for that kind of thing or have copy write laws stopped it all?

What are you’re favorites?

Try throwing “wav” into your search criteria at Google, and incorporate the words “sound” or “sound clip”, and “download”, etc.

The Daily .WAV, movie & TV stuff.
SciFlicks.comSF movies,
you have to look around a bit to find the WAVs but they are there.

CMC fnord!

I used MovieWavs a few years ago, but I can’t vouch for its quality now. Usually I just leave my speakers off unless I’m playing a game.

My favorites are generally sound clips from computer games: the Orc peon from Warcraft going ‘Uh, what?’ (for an error message), etc. I find game sounds are great because they’re generally short, convey a lot in a short period of time, and don’t have a lot (if any) background noise. The most complicated thing I have to do to get one is use a tool to extract the sound from the game’s sound DB file and convert it to *.wav.

Hm. Come to think of it, I’d have to go over a few of the game EULAs with a fine-toothed comb to see what kind of legalities are involved. I rather doubt that unless I’m packinging up ‘Nightsong’s Super Duper System Sounds!’ and selling it for $5 a pop that the various companies involved are going to have Guido and Nunzio knock on my door.

<< Cars can smell it when you have money–computers can smell it when you have time. >>

I’ve long since stopped bothering with sounds.

When I was in high school, and my family got their first Mac, we had fun replacing the system sounds. I think some of them used were:

Startup – “Assume the position!” (from Animal House)
Disk Eject – “Out with it!” (followed by the barfing sound – also from Animal House)
Shutdown – “Dave’s Window” – the window shattering sound, similar to that used on Dave Letterman.

The funniest, though, was when my mother accidentally set one of the sounds so that it played whenever she pressed the spacebar. The clip was an older man saying, “oooh, that’s nice!”

The site I’ve used for .wav downloads for years is The Earchives .
Lots of movie, TV and some game sounds. All free.

Hmm, let me fire up the 'ol SE-30…

Startup; Marvin the Paranoid Android says “Ahh, mind taxing time again, is it?”
Disk insert/hard drive mount; Homer Simpson “MMMM…Burger!”
Disk eject; Homer’s belch…
Restart; Eric Idle from Holy Grail “Right, we’ll stay here until you get back”
Shut Down; Dr. Clayton Forrester “Push the button, Frank”
Bad disk; Sewer Urchin from the Tick cartoon “Oh yeah, bad, very bad, uh-oh!”
Disk request; Star Trek TOS communicator chirp
Empty Trash; Bender "I don’t know, i got a lot of great memories in my old place <beep> and now they’re gone!