Sound Card Problem

I’ve just purchased and installed the m-audio 2496 sound card and am trying to play songs on my computer through my stereo amplifier, but it’s not working. And of course their tech line is only open Monday through Friday, so I’m turning here for help.

I have linked the computer to the stereo using the L and R outputs from the sound card to the L and R inputs on the stereo amp (Duh!). When I play a song with Windows Media Player, on the m-audio control panel the spdif out and spdif rtn (whatever they are) meters are “alive” showing the changing levels, but again, no sound on my stereo.

If I go back to the sound card that came with the computer and use the headphone out and run that to my stereo, it works, so I know the problem is not with the stereo.

I believe all software was installed properly since the control panel comes up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SPDIF is a digital interface and you are trying to use the analog outputs to drive your amplifier. I think you need to reconfigure the card to use the analog output.

Ah, of course. I actually got this to use with my digital piano, so I’m okay. Would installing this new sound card disable the one that came with my computer?

Oh, and thanks.