Sounds of Hell. Crazy loony fun fun fun!

I am not sure how I came acrossthis which has the amusing domain name of A Mighty Wind.

warning this link below automatically loads some audio so every time you dip back into it it turns on again. It cannot be stopped. Sorry I don’t know more technical stuff .

I was googling a name (Dr. Azzakova) to find out more information about the mysterious recording reputed to be made in a drilled well hole ( 2000 ft deep) that are, as they claim, the souls in hell.

It is rather amusing in a creepy, creepy way.
Has anyone else ever heard of this supposed story?

It was Nemo.

The captain or the fish?

Fish. Silly me.

Carry on.

though this will surpirse many here, I’ve been in churches where they believed this.

I hear the screams were because it was a 10 hour Bush press conference they were hearing

And the difference between that and Hell is…?

I heard about this a good 10 years ago.


What music is that? It seems familiar and I think it’s the sound track from a video game but I can’t quite place it.

A better buffet and wittier banter.

One is torment without end, and the other is Hell.

It’s a synthed up version of a song from Castlevania. Where’s my prize for being a total dork? :stuck_out_tongue:

Specifically, it’s “Wicked Child” from the original Castlevania,. This version was arranged by Kevin Fishburne, sysop of Neo Tokyo (a BBS. Not sure if it’s still up). Thanks, timidity!

Darkprince, Tentacle Monster Thank you. So a website about the sounds of hell is making unauthorized use of copyrighted audio.

Here’s Snopes take on it, Shirley. I heard about this a long time ago too… it was early in my geology grad school days, and a bunch of us joked that at least some those screams were coming from former students. :wink: