"sounds of hell" urban myth

I just recently heard an audio recording. the clip is a recording made by a group of scientists who were drilling a deep hole in Siberia. I’m not sure what the details are of whatever the scientists were doing, i only know they drilled a hole very deep into the earth and lowered a microphone into the hole and recorded the sounds. What they got was what sounded like people screaming and moaning. Pretty horrifing sounds. Has anyone else heard this clip and do you think it is real? You can find it on the web if you want. Just go to google and type in “hell” + “siberia”+ “drilling”. It looks to me like an urban myth since i don’t believe in hell. What do you guys think?


Oh, I think it’s REAL. The REAL THING. I mean, it SEEMS real, doesn’t it? And it was on the Internet, so it HAS to be true. Two gazillion christians can’t be wrong now, eh? (This sarcasm wasn’t intended toward SilentMikew…I just had to say it.)

All the churches I’ve been to not only believe this stuff, they also believe the lost day theory.:dubious:

I’m reliably informed :dubious: that the entrance to heaven is in the Orion Nebula:

That about wraps it up, I think.

What the deep well is the “Lost Day” theory?

That some passage in Joshua where he asks God to “make the sun stand still” for a bit and SUpposedly someone in NASA found a “lost day” in computations.
Total bunk, but still believed. Today.
Someone will come by with a link, Cecil has covered it.

This one. In preview, snopes search is better than TSD’s. I’m pretty sure Cecil has written on this too.

has cecil already talked about this hell sound?

It isn’t in the archive, but it might have been covered in one of his printed works.

LOL! Read this story in Fortean Times perhaps 10 years ago. This has been around before the net was the net. :wink:

Here is Cecil’s column on the “missing day.”

As to the “hell sounds,” I remember hearing that story at least 15 years ago, maybe twenty. I suspect it’s at least that old. There’s no more truth to it than to the story about George W. Bush winning the 2000…

What?!? Oh, hell.

We must be increasingly on the alert to prevent the Russians from taking over other mineshaft space, in order to breed undead hellspawn more prodigiously than we do, thus, knocking us out with superior numbers when we die!

Mister President, we must not allow… hellspawn gap!

Aw, crap. Now I know how Neil Armstrong felt.

I’m sure the A was lost in the static of the web… Sunspots or something…

Personally when I heard the “wails of the Dead” I nearly peed myself laughing. There is one womans high pitched wailing I immediately recognized from an old Halloween Effects Album I had.
Sounds to make you shiver (its the one with the title Bloodcurdling! Terror! Horror! Stereo title)

OOOOOOOOooooo Spooky… and nice try.

Oh, I am a full supporter of the “Lost Day” theory. In college, I lost a couple Saturdays during weekends of heavy drinking. I think they are with my socks.

That story appeared on the front cover of a 1992 edition of “World Weekly News.” The World Weekly News is famed for photographers being at just the right place at just the right time. It’s motto is: Aliens cannot sue for libel.

A detail of the story is here:

While you’re looking, let me know if you find my virginity.

I’m sure if this story was beneficial for evolutionist it would be welcomed with open arms and confirmed many times over by scientist.