Sour cream and yogurt.

Once again…a boring question.

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Yet, while he’s obviously a genius, I don’t believe he answered my question fully. (What IS that liquid it leeches?!)

Thanks in advance.

I think the simple explaination is you don’t give it time to seperate. Yogurt may be in the carton for a few days before you buy it. This gives it a lot of time to settle and seperate. Many recipes have you leave the yogurt straining through a coffee filter overnight to make “yogurt cheese.” So the liquid will strain back out, and the yogurt will become more solid, if it has enough time.

If you want to try it, put the yogurt in a coffee filter. Put this in a sieve over a bowl. Leave this in the fridge overnight. The “yogurt cheese” can be used like a soft cream cheese. Or so they say.

Want to see what yogurt looks like under the microscope?

This article seems to say that the watery liquid is…water. If I understand, the more milk solids involved, the denser the yogurt, leading to better water retention. Since most yogurt today is low fat or no fat I’m guessing that’s why it gets watery.

Thank you, Ma’am.