Source for fuses, HELP!

I’m trying to locate a fuse originaly a Bussmann MWO 15 Amp 125V 1/4" by 1&1/4". This goes in my mother’s microwave. She had a power surge and we need to replace the fuse.

Emailing the company that makes the fuses, gave me an alternate fuse I could use. MDA 15 Amp 125V. They only sell in bulk, no exceptions.

Radio Shack online carries the alternate fuse but will not have it in stock for weeks.

I,ve spent days trying to get one of these fuses, and about 8 hours online so far. Does anybody know of a place I can get one of these fuses ordered. I can’t wait the weeks for Radio Shack and none of their stores in a 60 mile radius has one.

Do you know of a place that whould have fuses like this that is not Radio Shack. This is the second thing in the last few days I needed that they don’t have in stock. I guess their becoming a less of a electronic parts supplier as the years go on.

Phobia, do you have a Newark Electronics in town? If not, one of their locations may be able to deliver, for a minimum fee. Better yet, look in the phone book under “Electric Equipment and Supplies, Wholesale”. I’ve found that many, if not most, of the wholesale houses can also handle retail.
The fact that Radio Shack carries an alternate leads me to believe that this isn’t a rare fuse. Dunno about their online catalog, but the store catalogs are pretty thin.

MDA and MDL series are very common. Any decent hardware store should have them. They come in boxes of 5 for about $2. You might even find them at Wal-Mart. If there’s a Grainger (industrial supply) nearby, you can almost certainly get them there.

On the off chance that the other suggestions, haven’t helped, I’ll throw in my 2 cents.

I don’t know if they do mail-order, but there is a store near my house called Marvac Electronics that has a pretty big inventory. Good luck!

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I don’t see it in my catalog, but try Grainger. You should be able to locate a store near you at

I drove to Grainger, 130 mile round trip and got the fuses. The microwave works fine now. It had to get fixed right away.

Thanks for the help.

The microwave had to get fixed right away, not I.

Phobia–that must be one incredible microwave, that you’d drive that far to fix it.

You’re welcome.