Source for heavy grid or grate? And the right kind of builder?

I need wise Doper’s help. I need to find a source for heavy duty grid or grating to widen the mouth of my driveway.

My driveway is an easement between two properties, and is narrow, and off a narrow road with deep ditches on either side. On one side of the entrance is a super-tidy place that has a decorative section of fence protecting their shrubs. Fence isn’t going anywhere. On the other side there is a ditch running along side the driveway that intersects with the road ditch. On the other side of the driveway ditch there’s another fence that also isn’t going anywhere. There’s a culvert running under the entrance to the driveway, of course.

I have horses, and I pull a 25’ gooseneck trailer w/ an F-250 (extended cab, 8’ bed) that has the turning radius of a battleship. I can just get it in the driveway with some jockeying, but it’s a royal PITA. Going out isn’t much better. I’m trying to find someone to get me an extra 2 or 3 ft on that ditch side. I’ve contacted 2 masons, who sort of look at me and scratch their heads. One got back to me w/ a 3k estimate and a plan for making a whole concrete extension, I haven’t heard yet from the other guy. All I really want is something like a small version of a cattle guard or the grating over sewer drains.

So, am I talking to the right kind of specialty person?

And where might I get a chunk of heavy grate like that? Google is not helping me much, I keep getting link to Chinese manufacturers. I live in S.E TN, Chattanooga-ish.


The grating itself your best bet is a welding or metal fabrication shop.

For contractors it’ll be tough to find one willing and qualified for that project. Locally I know a few contractors that do excavation and landscaping that could tackle that kind of project. They also handle a lot of municipal work, maybe contacting your town clerk for a list of their contractors might help you in your search.

I don’t know about local codes, and you would need a strong foundation, but for pre-made grating, you would need to look to an industrial supply.
Somewhere like McMaster Carr.

I have made these out of some 4" pipe and 1.5" flatbar, working at a Welding Fab Shop.

Depends on the weight of the object if they can fab in a shop or have to assemble in the field.

Make sure there is an engineer to draw it up though.

A rough estimate would be around $2k to make and install 4ft x 8ft both sides…I have no pics of your situation though.

Good Luck. :wink:

Oh yea, there’s also that premade grating…but you still need a frame and someone to draw it all up, fabricate and install proper.