South Africa (Pretoria) can't miss stuff? And travel advice?

I’m going to be in Pretoria, South Africa for a week on business. What’s there that I “can’t miss”? Also looking for travel advice.

I’ve never been to the African continent. I’m not worried about ATM cards, language, driving, tipping, and voltage converters. I’m a bit curious about the culture. I always imagine South Africa as being somewhat like Argentina, in the sense that it’s “Africa European Style” as (to me) Argentina is “South America European style.”

Time at work should be professional. I won’t be driving. But damn, it’s South Africa! I’ll want to do something outside of work to take advantage of my being there.

So, what? I’m not sure of their work hours at my company there (to be confirmed!); worst case I assume they start late and end late, say, 8 to 5 or so. What can I do in/near Pretoria from 6 pm to 11 pm or so? Is it close enough to wild life so see something cool (to an American, in any case)? I guess I don’t mind extending my curfew once if the nature is far away, in which case, what can’t I miss in the evenings that’s closer? And unfortunately I won’t have a full day off. Strictly Monday through Friday. :frowning:

Is it worth lugging my hefty DSLR or is the crappy P&S good enough? Obviously depending on what’s there…

What are after-hours professional relationships like? Some of my contacts are actually Australians, and I’m already taking preventive measures. Are South Africans a similar friendly, rowdy bunch, especially when it comes to non-VIP guests from the HQ?

The return trip is through Charles de Gualle, and there was a recent thread on what to do with a six hour layover, so I’ll be revisiting that shortly. :wink:

Most South Africans avoid Pretoria (with the exception of those who actually live there)

Here in (liberal, easy going) Cape Town, Pretoria is viewed by many as old fashioned, boring and not worth a visit.

Certainly in Cape Town, less so in Pretoria. Think, sort of colonial, sort of down-to-earth farmer.

Most companies do indeed work 8 to 5 (or similar)

Probably not within the time frame. You’d ideally want a day off to get to Pilanesberg or one of the bigger game reserves out of town. However, there are a couple within the city - is worth a look, you might get an evening game drive in. You are unlikely to see the big 5 though!

If you ask your hosts/company rep, they WILL organise something for you, South Africans are very hospitable.

Yes, very much so. I hope you enjoy eating meat!

Sabi Sabi is on the edge of the Kruger Park, near Skukuza - at least five hours’ drive from Pretoria. Were you thinking of something else?

Otherwise, I concur with your comments.