South Americn woman wins mom and officer of the year at the same time

Someone finds a abandoned baby and turns it in to police who. take it to the er …the baby’s cold and starving so while waiting the PO who’s a new mom herself decided to feed it manually

Note the pics uncensored

How many people would just flop out the udders for a baby that wasn’t related to them in any way?d

Oh and newest rumor is she’s inquiring about adoption…

Lots, I expect. If you’re in a position to help, you help. Before they invented formula, babies of mothers who had issues with milk production would often be fed by women who weren’t their mother, otherwise they’d have starved.

According to the link, the baby’s own mother had brought it to the hospital, so the officer adopting it would be pretty strange.

It’s relatively common in cases of abandoned babies found by police, though. That’s probably what spawned the rumor.

Nevertheless, this PO has a position of honour on my heroes list. In today’s world, with Tweety Twit setting the agenda, anybody who would share what amounts to a scarce resource with another person unknown to them, under very trying circumstances (given the baby’s very poor condition and hygiene) deserves all the accolades and more!

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Sure, she did a good thing for the poor little baby. Although many might, others might not.

Well, some women who could breastfeed wouldn’t “flop out an udder” even for their own babies, so it’s clearly not a universal impulse…

But not unprecedented. This article from 2008 is about a Chinese police officer who breastfed multiple babies after an earthquake. It may be that people who are drawn to public service, like women who become police officers, may be more inclined to give whatever aid they can in an emergency, including breastmilk.

Also, breastfeeding mothers are inclined to feed babies. Crying babies trigger biological responses.

heres a story that explains more ……according to this one the baby was found a corn field and she gets a promotion ……

This is a different case from the OP’s, but still a heartwarming tale. The OP’s story was from Argentina and this one featuring an abandoned newborn with umbilical cord still attached is from Colombia.