South Carolina is peopled entirely by Moslems!

And they’ve got the brass to incorporate their symbolism into their state flag!

Their state motto: “While I breathe, I hope”

Did you get that? Hope. HOPE! People, HOPE is one of the critical themes of another well known terrorist sympathiser and long-time Muslim–we need not mention names I think.

Their capital city is Columbia. COLUMBIA! And everybody knows, Columbia is right next door to Venezuela. And with Venezuela and Columbia united, the only way into South America is through Brazil via France! And the French are commie Socialists just like a certain presidential candidate for one of the world’s superpowers. And what does South America produce (apart from South Americans)? That’s right, DRUGS!

Dear Gawdamighty! How long has this been going on behind our backs? And right under our very noses!

You know, there are many brands of decaf that taste as good as the real thing…


As the nights grow longer and cooler, here’s a tip for your comfort. Fold your hat with the shiny side in to trap the heat.

When your hat is made of tinfoil, it’s always “the shiny side”. :smiley:

Wait…McCain is Muslim?

Why do you think he wants us to spend so much time in the Middle East?

Did you know that one of their biggest city is Charleston, as in Charles’ Town?!? They’re friggin’ Tories! We must burn that state to the ground–it’s the scourge of the Union!! Why, I even hear that Confederate sympathizers built their fort on Sumter Island solely to start that conflagration between the States!

To arms! To arms! All to arms! We must burn the state to the ground! Raze all the buildings! Burn the crops and salt the earth! Hurry, there’s not a moment to lose before they spread their Carolinaness across the South! Make haste!

. . . now that that’s outta my system, we return you to a “What the hell are you talking about, Inigo?” thread. Dude, like Paul said, shiny side in bro.

Maybe a little Pam wouldn’t hurt. Don’t want the hat to stick to yer noggin’.

Umm…did no one else get the joke? :smiley: I’ll give you an ‘atta boy’ Inigo.

(and don’t leave the tinfoil on in the sun…it’ll flash planes who will think you are a terrorist, and then they will vaporize you with their super sensitive tracking/destruction beam. Honest…happened to my friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s former roommate!)

You’re wrong. As a center of the textile industry, SC is 100% muslin, which is a type of fabric tradtionally used by the KKK.

And Moslems are used to having people not trust them, just as YOU are not trusted by US!
Now - where was I?

Infidel !

Thanks for warning us about that, Inigo!

“Hope,” you say? Then these guys are really trouble.