South Carolina

I want to move from south Carolina to another state, where do you advice me to go ?
Most important thing " I do not want it to be a conservative community like here" its very annoying:D

Well, if your goal is to be in a NOT conservative state, check out a political state map and pick which one seems most interesting.

If you’re going for least distance, it’s probably safest to head to either Illinois or Maryland. If it were me, I’d pick Maryland over Illinois - I hear of less political corruption news in Maryland (that may just be because they’re smaller).

If you’re going for straight up nice, I would be seriously temped by Washington State or by Oregon. I hear it’s lovely there, as long as you don’t need any sunlight.

If you don’t require an entire state to be blue, you could try Asheville North Carolina. Or if you don’t like the smell of pot and unwashed hippie, go a bit further up into the Durham Raleigh Chapel Hill research triangle - that’s pretty blue also.

I hear that Atlanta proper is pretty damn liberal, but then you live in Georgia, which I think may be even worse than South Carolina. You’re within spitting distance of Alabama anyway, which is always something to avoid, regardless of your politics.

You and me both, sister. You and me both.

Do not move to Oregon or Washington or northern California if nice sunny weather is important to you.

Southern California might be your best bet, especially San Diego… it has a mix of great weather and liberal politics. But then again, that means you live in California shudder.

Some more specifics on what you’re looking for would help–an individual state is a mighty big and varied place.

Move to Hawaii. You won’t be sorry, trust me.