South from Algodones, Mexico.

Yes, but Carter Lake, Iowa is contiguous with the rest of Iowa by water. You can take a boat and get there and never leave Iowa.

With the “Kentucky Nipple” you must go thru either Missouri or Tennessee to get to it, no matter what route you choose.

OK, name the states that have inhabited bits that can only be reached via public road by going thru Canada! I know of at least 4.

Off the top of my head:


Thank ye, thank ye, but I just applied the Windsor/Detroit parameter to the question. My second guess was Chile.

My favorite question deals with a pet peeve of mine, ever since an ABC report put Venezuela under (south of) the equator.

So, besides Venezuela, do you know the other 3 countries in South America that are (north of) over the equator?

Guyana, Suriname, and the other one?

French Guiana. Most of Colombia is north of the Equator, too.

Panama City is farther south than Caracas, Venezuela.

Colibri, those were the 4 I was thinking of.

Alaska is obvious.
Washington has Point Roberts
Minnesota has the Angle Inlet.
And Maine has Estcourte.

There may be others.

And twickster, does Ecuador count? Part of it is north of the equator. So’s Columbia. And French Guiana may be entirely north of the equator too, but I’m not sure.

And oddly enough, yesterday when I responded to this post I had happened to been only about 50 miles from the New Madrid area earlier in the day.

The question refers to countries north of the equator not on it, So yes, **Colibri ** and **twickster ** are correct: Venezuela, French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname are completely (north of) over the Equator line.

But has anybody actually been to the Kentucky Nipple? I want firsthand reports from there!! :wink:

Nobody been to the nipple? I guess one day I’ll have to make the trip.

Now, everybody can identify the “4 corners” where 4 states meet at one point.

But can anyone identify where it is in the US that 5 counties come together at one point?

Extra points given if you can tell why the site has little tourist traffic!

I haven’t. I was very close during a trip to Reelfoot Lake two years ago. But we didn’t actually go to the Bend. Probably the best bet for a doper that’s actually been there would be Brianjedi. He’s from that part of the state.