South Korean Man Crucifies Himself

Ouch. I admit, my first thought upon reading this was of Terrifel’s hysterical post in the old Can Superman tear his own head off? thread. Looks like Batman did it the hard way.

Oops, didn’t provide a link. Here’s one to another article on the incident.

Any clue why he did this?

Oh, sure, lets pin this one on religion, as if this guy’s death in any way resembled the death of a religious figure from any of the major world religions.

Persecution complex, probably.

From what I read in the Korean papers, he was a religious nut.

Huh. I would never have guessed.

I just wonder what kind of religious nuttery would lead to this. Did he think he was the Messiah? Did he hear the voice of God?


Sorry, I should have been more specific. He was a religious nut who believed that he was a reincarnation of Jesus. Apparently he assumed that he would rise again after his crucifixion. This is based on an essay he sent into a magazine before he did the deed.

He did it in an abandoned quarry? Pshaw! If you’re gonna crucify yourself, you might as well do somewhere in public, where everyone can see.

Interesting. And awful. Thanks.

If quoting, please include chapter and verse.

Given the ingenuity involved, it may have been just because he could. Who would have ever believed that it was possible for someone to crucify himself, if someone hadn’t already done it?

And once again the Family Circus has already covered this

“I really hate to lay this one on you, man, but you can’t crucify yourself. I’ve tried it hundreds of times, there’s no way you can hammer in the last nail.”

“Stand back, hippie - I’ll show you how it’s done.”

what a moron. Instead he should have chained himself to an endangered sequoia and then compost his internals.

His heart was sick of bein’ in, I said his heart was sick of bein’ in, cha-i-a-i-a-i-a-i-a-ains.

Goddammit, I was just getting ready to post that! :mad:

Obviously, not a man to cross.

If Jesus was Chuck Norris, he’d of gone out like this.

WWJD claims yet another victim…