South Park 3/11: "The Ring"

Let’s try another thread.

I really kind of enjoyed this one. Kenny dancing around jubilantly behind his girlfriend’s back when she was confessing that the BJ story was true cracked me up. The Jonas Brothers are a worthy target (the thing about spraying the audience with jizz-foam is true, by the way), and promise rings are worthy too, but Disney is the most worthy of all. I wonder if SP might get any flack from Disney. They are notoriously humorless about their sacred mouse. I’d love to see the looks on their faces as they watch Mickey kicking the shit out of the Jonas Brothers and calling them “faggots.”

Oh…and poor Kenny. He died again, but it was probably worth it to him this time.

Found it absolutely engaging and topical.
Loved the scene where the little girls are invited backstage.

Wait - the foam thing is real?

Good grief. This is why I appreciate South Park - at their funniest, they don’t even bother to make stuff up. Who thought the foam was a good idea?

I don’t know, but it’s in that movie. More than one reviewer has commented on the creepiness of it.

Did I see a little girl in the crowd rubbing her junk? I think I did.

I know I saw Mr. Slave doing it.

The sound effect of the girls’ mouths opening was pure gold.

Overall a pretty good episode even if I was a bit creeped out at times. Kenny was in top form this week.

Reasonably start to the season…it’s not mongolian level but pretty good.

They probably can get away with the Mickey Mouse references because parody is exempt from action under fair use. They were wise to not depict any actual Disney executives such as Bob Iger. Better to protect themselves from any slander accusations.

Incidentally, I’m rather surprised it took 12 years for “South Park” to crack on Disney.

They did an episode poking fun at High School Musical last season.

That’s exactly what I was talking about in this aborted thread.

And that was before Mickey came on.

I loved the ending. Great GI Joe reference.

Yes, but that was mostly limited to High School Musical itself. They didn’t go after Disney as directly as they did in this episode.

Ah, what a beautiful episode. I love this show so much. What does it say about me that the only shows that I bother to watch these days are The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and South Park?

Yeah, I was like, “Holy shit! I did not just see that!” :eek: It was REALLY quick and pretty easy to slip past the sensors, I guess.

Comedy Central simply doesn’t care. South Park is one of their money-making shows, and from what they’ve got away with in the past, I don’t think this was any more over-the-top. Besides, since half the episode revolved around a 5th grader giving a 4th grader head, I doubt they’d care about much else…

But I personally found it hilarious and spot-on. Of course, I’ve yet to find anything South Park has done to be personally offensive so I don’t mind much… :smiley:

" . . . and Mickey will return to Valhalla to slumber and feed."

I didn’t think cable channels had any rules to follow for Standards & Practices. Any censoring done is at the choice of the cable network itself.

Yeah, the FCC regs only apply to the publicly owned broadcast frequencies (i.e. the stuff you can get without cable), not the cable. The Cable channels can pretty much do what they want. They do self-censor to a degree to stay marketable to advertisers, but legally they don’t really have to. Parker and Stone have said they don’t really have to bleep the F-bombs on SP, but that they do it because they think it sounds funnier with the bleeps.

Comedy Central actually has a “Secret Stash” which they run after 1:00 AM which consists of movies and comedy performances uncensored. They’ve run such things as “South Park: BL&U”, the William Shatner roast, and very recently “Clerks II” with interruptions only for commercials. All the F bombs and other language have been left intact.

Also, Parker and Stone only censor the SP episodes that run on Comedy Central. The episodes for the last couple of seasons are avalable online without any bleeps and presumably will be that way on DVD eventually.

Am I the only one who caught the Rush Limbaugh-Mickey Mouse similarities: a blowhard who makes millions pandering to the families crowd, while actually leading a pretty sordid personal life, and who backhands anyone that defies him.