South Park 6/20 was off the hook!

I saw an segment of 60 Minutes (to be fair, this was years ago) where a British guy was constantly saying “bloody” and they bleeped him every time.

“I never said a guy who wears glasses is a queer. (beat) A guy who wears glasses is a four-eyes; a guy who’s a fag is a queer!”

RIP, Mr. O’Connor. Archie would croak if he saw any episode of South Park.

(Actually, I’d say it’s the third best episode, after Chinpokomon, and the Herbal Medicine one.)

I don’t know if the FCC changed their regulations or if Comedy Central just decided to do it anyway because they’re a big enough company that they could pretty much pay their way out of any legal problems brought on by content violation. I think it would be funnier if it was the latter.

[sub]“Hey, there, shitty shitty fag fag, shitty shitty fag.”[/sub]

Wait…you mean to tell me “bloody” is a swear word in the UK?? What level? Is it one kids get in trouble for saying on the playground? I thought it was just like “darn” or “friggin” or something harmless.

Yup, “bloody” is a very naughty word in the UK, along the lines of ****, ****, and ****.

I was flipping through tv last night and they were replaying an awards show (Grammy Awards?) on VH1. They bleeped (or rather muted) the word pot. Someone was making a joke about checking Whitney Houston’s baggage at the airport. “Grammy, grammy, grammy, pot, gra…hey!”
Lord knows that if we actually hear someone say pot all the children will run out and get some.

I myself don’t get it. I say the word all the time in real life and I don’t see what the big hype is now that they say it on TV (of course, the whole damn show is pretty immature in the first place). Of course, we’re still quite a distance away from getting rid of censorship altogether.

I liked the store name “Shit N’ Stuff”, also the part about Meekrob being one of the 8 bad words that brought out the Standards and Practices knights. I must be immature because
I laughed out loud straight through the show.

The ultimate curse word on TV is God, as in “Goddamn”. If it is not then why do they delete the “God” part out?