South Park 6/20 was off the hook!

I love the counter they had in the lower left corner. You know they did that to forestall all the message board slap-fights between people saying “They said it 165 times!” “No, they said it 157 times!” “No, it was 165 times you luser!”

I dunno what’s scarier, the fact that they said it so many times or the fact that Rilchiam said “off the hook”.

What’s scary about “off the hook”, or about my saying it?

The fact that only Britney Spears/N Sync fan types use that expression? :smiley:

Err, I meant to quote Rilch’s second post.

oh please.

Or WWF fans. Really, Mercutio, I’m not in high school; I’m not going to defend my choice of words.

I don’t have cable. What did they say?

Yea, I didn’t catch the show last night. Update please.


Bleeped out or did Comedy Central let it slide?

Mercutio, it’s just a phrase. As long as he doesn’t overuse it, I don’t think anyone can fault him for it. You see, the overuse of a phrase can lead to boredom and stagnation. But using a phrase every once in awhile shows a creativity and a willingness to test the boundaries of what’s acceptable for everyone on the boards.

Rilchiam, dude get the sand out of your vagina already.

It wasn’t bleeped, neither was “fag” but only when Mr Garrison said it because he is gay, or strangely when Jimbo said it.

Yeah, man. It was outrageous. How DID they get permish to do that?

Re: the fag thing- It was used on an episode of All in the Family once…but maybe things were different back then. Saw it on Nick at Nite a couple of weeks ago.

Ender, I’m female. And, “Shutup, fatass! I don’t have sand in my vagina!!”

Something tells me that as we speak, Orrin Hatch and Joseph Lieberman are scrambling to hold senatorial hearings on the use of the word “shit” in South Park.

Ahhh…only South Park can make someone defend themselves as really being female after you’ve refered to that person’s vagina.

Um…sorry about the confusion. You know, if people would just send me naked pictures of themselves, I wouldn’t be making these kinds of mistakes (as often).

And South Park was spot on. That shit got kind of old after awhile.

Gee. Here they repeatedly say ‘fuck’ during Big Brother.

And why is it that you can say “bloody” on UK and Australian TV, where everyone knows it’s a swear, but not in the US, where it’s fairly innocuous?

RE: The bloody U.S.

Because no one uses it as a cussword here, so it wouldn’t make any sense.

And continuing off-topic, the quote from Archie on All in the Family was, “England is a fag country!” I want to go there soooo bad.

[Beavis]Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh! South Park sucks![/Beavis]