South Park

I saw a commercial for the season premier of South Park in which they promised that a curse (“shit” I believe) will be said uncensored. I don’t really care to hear your opinions on this here (its GQ after all.) My questions are:

  1. Will it be censored on repeats of the show?
  2. How did they get this apporved?
  3. What will be the next show, on a different network, that’ll do this?

Dunno about South Park but I’ve know that word “bullshit” has already been aired uncensored, on network TV, no less. When CBS did that live “On Golden Pond”, this punk kid said the word. Their justificatin was that they couldn’t censor a classic play.

I actually caught this on David Letterman. He played the clip, uncensored, then he complained that he couldn’t say bullBLEEP without being censored. They did it several time just to underscore the point.

clip: [uncensored]
Dave: bullBLEEP
clip: [uncensored]
Dave: bullBLEEP
clip: [uncensored]
Dave: bullBLEEP

That’s classic, Terminus. You wouldn’t happen to have a tape, would you?

Another word off Carlin’s original list.

I personally have heard “piss” on broadcast, unedited TV, as well as “tits.” I imagine the last one to go will be one of the twelve-letter ones.

Pardon me. I meant the twelve-letter one, as there is only one twelve-letter one on Carlin’s original list.

Later versions of Carlin’s list included the word “fart”, but I’ve heard it spoken on broadcast TV at least a couple of times.

I saw George Carlin on Craig Kilborn’s show and he said that “piss” was acceptable as in being “pissed off” and Kilborn said that CBS said that “piss” could be used in the sense of “urinate”, at least on his show, but it comes on very late.

Yep, and come to think of it, that’s the phrase that was used. So I guess we’re back up to five from the original list of seven.

What a hijack!

Sorry, I don’t. This was a couple months ago; you might catch it on rerun this summer.

Anyhoo, to get back to, ya know, the answer, cable TV isn’t particularly regulated. The only determination of what’s acceptable to air on cable pretty much comes from the station’s own policies and the advertisers. (Many products to not wish to be associated with a cartoon eight year old screaming “Shit!”)

How could anybody object to the word “piss” when it’s in the Bible?

Heck, a “bullshit” has aired uncensored on South Park before. In “Ike’s Bris” episode, when Mr. Mackie is walking down the street, he bumps into someone and says something like, “I don’t have to listen to your bullshit.” It was unbleeped for the first airing of the show, but has been bleeped every broadcast since then.

Looks like they can do it because the show airs after 10 PM.

From an FCC web page: (bolding added)

Hmm. That must be why they can say the F word every 30 seconds on community access.

I think Mark Harmon said “Shit happens” on an episode of Chicago Hope. I think that aired at 10pm on CBS.
They’ve said asshole a couple of times on South Park so I don’t see the problem with saying bullshit.

On a similar note, the censorship rules on the radio here in the NY area are a complete mess. On the Opie & Anthony show (3-7pm) they can no longer say “masterbate” but you can say “pleasure myself” and other euphemisms. You can call someone a “pussy” but you can’t use it in a sexual/biological sense. They end up just using the first letter of any sexual words when talking about sex and it’s actually funnier because it sounds so silly.

“I’ll stick my C in her A” and “I’ll jam my C in HER C” and so on.



“Execept stuff we don’t like.”

Yeah, I’m hijacking my own thread. What are you gonna do about it, biotch?

I remember that “Ike’s Wee-Wee” episode. I noticed immediately.

What is the twelve-letter one?

I DISTINCTLY remember hearing “shit” air, unbleeped, on a TV special about children who curse. This would have been 95-96 or so. They aired the clip from E.T. where the older brother and Gertie discover E.T. in the closet and the older brother says something along the lines of “What is this shit!?” They didn’t bleep shit. I was so shocked I ran downstairs and had my parents turn the show on, but from then on out each curse was bleeped. I don’t know if this was purposeful, or censor error, but shit has aired uncensored at least three times now, on network TV.


And then there was the time that Picard muttered Merde! in a particulary tense scene in ST:TNG.

Not that long ago, a local network station aired the original Scared Straight show, the one from the late 70s, and then did an update on the kids. Lots of language (s-word, f-word, g-damn, all of it uncensored. And it was aired in prime time, before 10:00. IIRC, it started at 8:00.

I also distinctly remembered hearing publicity about the show Chicago Hope, and how the s-word was used uncensored in that episode.

Doesn’t bother me. Frankly it kind of strikes me as ridiculous when they bleep language like that. Especially when the argument is used that it is supposed to prevent young, tender ears from being befouled by the cuss words. Guess those folks who believe that haven’t been to a public school lately.