South Park--an American Asset

I read with great interest a passing characterization of South Park (hereafter referred to as SP) as “abysmally written, acted and animated” [direct quote]
A year ago, i would have agreed, and shamed said writer for holding back his words…but after actually watching a few full episodes, I found myself transfixed to the show! Not becuase it’s Emmy material, for goodness sake, nor becuase of its redeeming family values (NOT) but rather for what its co-writers dare to do and say. The plots aren’t complicated, but neither was the Dick van Dyke show, or Gilligan’s Island, for that matter. The animation is not state of the art…but I have never heard anyone complain about Speed Racer or Clutch Cargo. Sure, Kenny dies in a grisly way each episode…and why do we look forward to it? I dare say it is the same human mechanism that caused us to laugh every time Maude said “God’ll get you for that,” or when Maxwell Smart said “Sorry about that, Chief!” It is a bit that we get used to and get comfortable with…one that we look forward to…one that we try to predict when it’s coming…and laugh at hilariously when it finally happens. Yeah, the language is past PG, but dont make the mistake that just because it’s a cartoon, that it should be Ivory clean and child fodder. the movie “Fritz the Cat” taught us otherwise.
Speaking of Movie…if it is still playing in a theater near you, if you can find a babysitter, and if you can leave your in-laws behind, Do see the feature-length film. It’s non-stop hilarity, with many unforseen plot twists, and the sound-track is totally inspired!
I surely don’t expect you all to agree with me 100%. I’d be shocked if you all did. but I think in all fairness this needed saying, and I’m happy to be able to use a forum where the words, not the writer, are judged on their own merits.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but here we judge the author, too.
Ye have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

I have to disagree with the review of SP given by Fichchef. Upon advice of a friend, I went to see the movie. Now, I must add that I’ve never seen the TV show, not for any reason other than I generally don’t watch much TV.

I love satire, and I really respect those who aren’t afraid to ruffle PC feathers. I certainly have no objections to the movie based on any of the so-called indications of cultural decline it supposedly promoted. I was all set to enjoy a clever little movie.

What I saw IMHO was a unclever, stupid movie. A scene I thought I was actually going to enjoy was the ping-pong balls; but then they ruined it by pulling their punches.

How clever is the satire when you just send somebody up for ridicule (e.g. the Baldwins) and all that happens is that they get a bomb dropped on them? And the whole Saddam thing? Right.

Should have saved my $$.

Souvenieeeeers, nov-elties, par-ty tricks

My dear Nckrz…with an attitude such as yosrs I am surprised anyone bothers to write back. I think we all know who is the unbalanced one. For shame on you.
As for DIVEMASTER…you are certainly entitled to your opinion,and I’m happy you got an opportunity to do so, without being so quickly “judged” by someone who apparently does not know the meaning of the word “moderator”

I love the series…and the movie!
If you dont watch the series…you simply cant ‘get’ the movie…

I also enjoyed the way they didnt beat a point to death…like the ping pong balls, or the baldwins…you actually have to WATCH to get all the jokes, they arent all handed to you.

**david…give the guy a break! many far stupider(?) threads have been started, this might be a good one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever since I saw South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, I’ve been calling it the Feel-Good Movie of the Summer. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD!

But then, I always was a sucker for decent music.

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

I know I’m in the minority concerning South Park, but what they hey :slight_smile:

The main reason I didn’t like it was because I thought the jokes were too obvious. I thought they beat just about everything to death! I guess I wanted a little more cleverness, make me think a little to get tasty nuggets of satirical insight, enough to make me think “wow, that was clever!”

Of course, I love the Three Stooges, those paragons of subtlety! :slight_smile:

And I can’t get that Brian Botano song out of my head!

Souvenieeeeers, nov-elties, par-ty tricks

I had heard about SP for a while before we actually got Comedy Central. My husband had seen a few episodes, at a friend’s house. He loved it. I thought it sounded unbelievably lame. Then we got CC, and I thought I’d give it a shot. Guess what? It is lame…and really, really funny. I watch it now whenever I can.

I won’t bother with trying to explain why I like it. All I can say is that I get the joke it’s supposed to be.

Whack me for a newbie, but can someone explain what Fichchef said to make Nickrz respond so rudely?

Besides the fact that the original post would have been more appropriate in MPMSIMS than the Pit, where people go to get flamed?

Oh. I get it. I think.

South Park rules. I haven’t seen the movie yet, though… Unless it’s an action movie where a large screen will augment the experience, I usually wait until video.

Yer pal,

I did have CC when the first episode ran. I remember waiting for it. I was pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it is. I love the way it satarizes one issue so much, you can’t help but think about it, the way Dinosaurs! did. I suspect the movie will be out on video soon, I’ll see it then. I would have seen it in the theater, but I just didn’t get out to see many movies this summer. Parker and Stone are really funny guys, and, come on, Isaac Hayes! He rules! I find SP creative, clever, funny, thought provoking at times, and just good ol’ entertaining. I was worried for a while that it would be canceled because the hype died down, but it’s on Comedy Central! They still show Soap and the really crappy seasons of SNL. But I’m glad it’s still in production, and hope it lives for many years to come.

I have only seen a few episodes of Southpark (Most recently, a tape of the episode when they had that “iceman” and that parody of the crazed Aussie snake/croc hunter). Anyway, i LOVE the show.I think its one of the funniest shows on TV these days.

I wish the cable company here carried Comedy Network but alas, they dont (I have seen it at my friends apartments on campus where they have a different cable provider). I havent seen the movie but i am sure i will love it.

Babar714 wrote:

They also showed Mystery Science Theater 3000, but that didn’t stop them from cancelling it in 1995.

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

We can already differentiate between good and bad SP seasons, fortunately.

Season 1 was the best – it was fresh and new, they were taking risks, and they were working with their best material.

Season 2 was, for the most part, both lame and weak. All the original ideas were used up, the Cartman’s Mom Cliffhanger killed the show’s momentum, and expectations were too high. There were some decent episodes, but most only evoked a pale smile.

Season 3 is solid and occasionally inspired. Matt and Trey have found their footing again, and are past the point where they need to keep the show going – it has developed its own life, and there won’t be any of the unfunny “trying too hard” of Season 2.

Just as there are good and bad seasons, there are good and bad episodes. If you started watching at the right time, you saw a few good ones all at once and were hooked (most of the fans, including my 62-year-old dad, fall into this category). If not, your opinion may be a lot more negative.

Waitaminit – isn’t this supposed to be The BBQ Pit? All of you uncle-fuckers can go eat the smegma from your mom’s clit!! your posts are stupid and you dress funny!! ;->

–Da Cap’n
“Screw you guys – I’m going home!”

I LOOOOVE the series.

I walked out half way through that stupid fucking movie.

What the fuck was with the stupid show tunes?

IF I want show tunes I will go see Oklahoma, or Showboat or some other annoying caterwalling session.

And it used to be my favorite show…sigh.

Mr. Z…I respect your opinion, but as far as I’m concerned the musical numbers were Genius! Who would have expected such an imaginative score in a cartoon full of foul-mouthed kids?
Another example of the adventurous spirit that drives writers Matt and Trey to buck the system and entertain the adult masses
(once again…this is not a movie for kids…nor is the tv show)
…an aside: if you have not seen the movie as yet, it may be too late. When it comes out on video, wait in line…you’ll thank me later.

I love a funny song. In fact, it is the songs in Monty Python that set it apart.

But teh songs weren’t funny. Sure, satan singing a love song is funny in theory, but in practice, it is just not that great. I think they missed the target a bit.

But to be fair I have to say that I hate, hate, hate, hate musicals of all kinds. So it would have to have been pretty damn perfect for me to like it.

Still, I thought that most of the movie missed the mark. The long plot and the gay stuff just turned me off.

I better clarify: I didn’t mind the fact that they had material dealing with homosexuality, I just didn’t think it was humorous the way they portrayed it. Sadams penis, while it was a good gross out, wasn’t witty, or funny.

They could have had scenes of people eating excrement or peeing on each other, and it would be gross and it would be brave and it would be shocking, but it is not very funny.

I thought the first 20 minutes was great. They should have kept the same tone.

Dear Fich,
Apparently my sense of humor is lost on you.
Next time, I promise I’ll transfix you with some fart jokes.

Hey Nickrz– I got it! But sometimes you do have to play on the same level or it just sails over!