South Park vs Family Guy: why no retaliation?

Not only did South Park did a whole hour of television just to make fun of Family Guy, that have been throwing jabs at them for a while now.

Yet I have not seen Family Guy respond once. Why is that?

South Park has virtually no limits on how far they can go, network shows do. Making fun of SP on FG would be sort of “meh” anyway as much of the FG network audience may not watch SP. I thing FG I just going to count the money and do their thing,

Besides animation has huge prep times. It might be the better part of year before they could even respond.

Seth also thinks it’s not worth it. His response was pretty much “how cute, they don’t need cutaways. Such superiority to my moral and comedic shortcomings, however shall I go on!?”

While sleeping on his pile of cash I’m assuming.

But yeah, that makes sense.

It’s because FG only goes after easy targets. Like most bullies, they’re too chickenshit to attack someone who fights back.

Oh, please. South Park are even worse at that. They will only attack targets “approved” by the Libertarians and will never take a definitive position on anything more important than a singer or a TV show.

And I say that as a South Park fan who barely ever watches Family Guy.

Umm… out of curiosity who in the world do you think FG is “bullying”?

Everybody and everything. It’s special kind of snide, passive-aggressive, “cool kid” type of bullying where the basic assumption is that everyone in the world is stupider than you are.

Hmmm…well, as a fan of SP, I do think the one where a house fly transported Clyde’s hair louse to the enchanted forest of AG’s cooch fur to be a little mean. It kinda came out of left field in a way, not that I expected to have heard supporting evidence on Entertainment Tonight, but still, where’s that come from? That’s the most obvious one for me. Probably real dyed in the wool Michael Jackson fans, or Streisand fans are little sensitive as well to South Park.

That’s an example of SP bullying, not FG. FG doesn’t reflect current events - their target is pop culture in general. I love both shows, but I have to agree that SP is a bully. A very funny, sharp bully, but still a bully.

Missed that one; who are Clyde and AG?

I’m not a big fan of either show, but SP is at least funny sometimes. I know FG has plenty of fans, and thats fine, I just don’t find it funny at all.

Maybe FG doesn’t retialate because it would only make SP respond with even more jabs?

I don’t think that people wouldn’t watch FG because SP made a few jokes about the show.

I’m guessing it’s because South Park is basically irrelevant. I mean, my first reaction to this thread was: “whoa, South Park is still on?”

If I decided to make fun of Family Guy in my living room, I wouldn’t expect them to make a retaliatory episode. “Who? Who cares?” Same thing with South Park.

Have they been relevant in 10 years?

South Park has throw together episodes in less than a week.

I would guess that it’s quite possible Seth McFarlane et al. found the episode funny (although, to be honest, it wasn’t) and don’t see network cartoon shows as being in some sort of war that necessitates a counterattack.

They just won an Emmy.

SP is still quite popular. It at least makes an effort to be relevant whereas FG just throws everything and anything against the wall and hopes something sticks. I like both shows but FG is as low brow as you can get outside of a reality show.


I’m fairly sure South Park is still very popular, I’d imagine it is roughly as popular as Family Guy.

South Park is no where near as popular as it was during it’s heyday. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call it irrelevant, I think the show is firmly in “cult” territory now. Whereas Family Guy, being on Fox, has a bit more mainstream popularity.

So, that would be a “No” then. :smiley: