Southland 03/30/10

Ok, was it just me or was the dialogue going really fast last night? I missed a lot that was going on because I couldn’t understand what the fark they were talking about!

What were the dueling Latinas fighting about?

Yay, more cast storylines than just Ben, John, and… Regina King!

Also, common story points from Breaking Bad: cartel hit men with silver points on their boots and mess with the cartel, lose your head!

I don’t know if it’s me or the TV, but I’ve been having trouble following dialogue on some of the new dramas, especially those that use argot like this does. I’ve taken to turning on the closed captioning. I ignore it for the most part, but if I miss something there’s usually time for a quick glance down to read what was said. Maybe I’m getting old.

If I’m remembering correctly, the two women were sisters arguing because one had slept with the other’s man.

I really like Southland. I’m sad to see the season finale coming up so quickly. Anyone know if there’ll be another season?