Southland on TNT

Seriously? No one’s watching this?

It had a seven-episode run on NBC and was canceled, but TNT rescued it, re-aired the first season, and started S2 last week.

I’m genuinely surprised there’s no thread about it, especially given how popular SoA is here. It’s a fantastic show.

I saw it, so that’s 2 of us.

I didn’t catch last night’s but probably will tonight (if not at lunch if it’s up legally somewhere).

Damn…they started running the new episodes already? Stupid Straight Dope, you are supposed to remind me of these things! :wink:

We are watching!
It is a great show!
Sort of like a great rip-off of The Shield, but of course not quite as good.
Still - better than any other cop show on television today.

The first two episodes were great, and glad to see one of the main characters hitting his Gay bar at night…wondering how that is going to pan out.

So very happy that TNT picked up this show and didn’t let it die - although I think they were smart enough to know that DVD series sales will help them finance this in the long run.

I don’t know why, but I seem to like the show better now than last year. I really didn’t care when NBC canned it, but actually looked forward to episode two after watching the season premiere.

I watched all of last season, and have this season’s eps Tivo-ed and ready to go. Good show. Except I forgot what happened last season already.

Another fan here. Love the characters. Of all of them I’d love to see Shawn Hatosy backhand that stupid bitch he’s married to. And I was so glad to see C. Thomas Howell used up fast.

The other show that Cudlitz was part of that folded was also a good one. The principals got married, so there was some redemption for it all. But Livingston needs a series.

I began watching last week after hearing Cudlitz & McKenzie on the Adam Carolla Podcast (very funny guys to listen to).

I have since purchased all episodes on iTunes (up to this week’s ‘Uboat’).

It is an exceptionally great show with great characters.

I like this show.

It’s pretty formulaic in a lot of ways, but i guess that’s par for the course with most cop shows. Still, i like the characters, and the actors, and it moves at a pretty decent pace. I like the habit of starting each episode with an action sequence from later on, and then rewinding to the start of the day. It’s not exactly ground-breaking film-making, but it works for the show, i think.

We’ve been watching it for a while…TNT has been replaying the first season, so we watched most of those, and recorded (and started watching) this season. I like the characters, character development seems above average, it’s tense/exciting in spots… I dunno, we really like it. But I’ve noticed it doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of attention.

I was reading an interview with Joseph Wambaugh where he was pitching a show that was turned down because Southland was already in progress, which is sad, since the first thing that struck me about Southland was the Waumbaugh stock characters: the comedy-relief fuck up cop, the clueless hardon chief cop, the sensitive, tragic cop, etc.

Did i miss something this week?

Where is her partner from the last few episodes? Did they foreshadow his departure last week? Who’s the new guy?

Wikipedia says

IMDB confirms that Nolasco only has the three episodes as credit, whereas Collins isn’t credited with any yet (or wasn’t at the time of this post).

Must be a tough show!


You’d think, though, that the writers might have spent at least 30 seconds offering some sort of explanation for the new partner.

I thought this series was only meh on NBC, but I’ve grown to really like it sense it moved to TNT.

I’m really starting to like John Cooper. And don’t get me started on Ben McKenzie in a cop uniform. Rowrrrr!!

I wish they hadn’t de-emphasized the ensemble cast, though. They had/have some really interesting characters that could be explored for story diversity.

I agree about the ensemble cast.

I hope they haven’t dropped the whole storyline about the auto shop/drug dealer played by Wood Harris, and the detective’s daughter who was hanging out there.

I agree. I was telling a friend this: I’ve already been annoyed by Regina King when she was on 24, and while I do like her current character, it’s the kind of character that (IMO) can get very tiresome to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% on board at the moment, but I’m wary.

Also- Tammy? Dewey? SHUT UP.

Nice to see a character come out of the closet and have the person finding out not give a shit.

Yeah, what was that? Did John just come out to Ben in the car on the way back from the funeral?

I started watching Southland after going into cop-drama withdrawals when The Shield ended. As a substitute, it’s a little soft, but I can’t say I honestly expected it to be the same. Otherwise I have enjoyed the new season as well as catching up on missed first season episodes.

Unfortunately, Justified started in the same time slot, so I’ve been giving it my attention lately.