Southland on TNT

Well, he said he hung out in gay bars often enough to recognize that someone else hung out in gay bars a lot.

Apparently the Southland producers told After Elton point-blank that he was gay, but it wasn’t evident on the show unless you noticed that there were no women in the bar where John scores his pills.

Hey, they heard me!

I liked this week’s episode, and it was good to see them mix the stories and characters up a bit.

So, anyone watch the last episode? I thought it was good, but most of the internet chatter suggests that it’s unlikely to be picked up for another season.

I liked it and I’ve enjoyed the show quite a bit. It’s unfortunate that NBC ditched it for Jay Leno because I’m not sure most people even know that it’s still on let alone where to find it.

We still like this show a lot and this season has been great. Hope they keep it going for another couple of seasons.
I must have missed the “coming out comment” in the car…was wondering how that would be mentioned.

The hell!?!?? The sixth episode of the series played last night and that’s it for the season!?!?

Six episodes? First Big Love has only 9 episodes for a season and now this one only has six. What a ripoff.

Still, I was so proud of Chickie. She was AWESOME at the end of the last episode.

Neat trick considering there hasn’t been a third season yet.

Any word yet on TNT renewing it for a third season?

Most TV commentary suggests that it’s not yet clear if TNT will bring Southland back. It has averaged around 2.5 million viewers, which is pretty decent for TNT, and pundits seem to think the chance of its return is about even money.

In the meantime NBC, which canceled Southland, despite the fact that the show was getting 9 million viewers a week on the network, has decided to replace it with another LA-based crime show. The great thing is that NBC are really thinking outside the box, and have gone for something completely new and original:

NBC Greenlights Law and Order: Los Angeles


Didn’t the last two Law & Order spinoffs (one which they were so afraid of jinxing they didn’t even include L&O in the title) flop miserably? And one of the existing spinoffs got jettisoned to cable.

According to wiki:

Just got finished with season two. I can’t figure out why I still watch this. It’s so cheesy sometimes.

That was nice ending there with Chickie.

Does John not have a boyfriend anymore? It looked like he lived alone for some reason.

Excellent news! I’m looking forward to the third season.


Is anyone still watching?

I am!

Me too, but I’m backed up on my tivo viewing, so it has to wait.

Absolutely watching.

Pretty shocked a few eps ago when the detective got his head bashed in like that.

Kinda really sick of Lydia and her new annoying partner, tho.

That scene effed me up but good. I mean, it took me a day or so to shake it.

Just finished watching the current show on the TNT website.

The writing and the acting doesn’t seem as good this season. The writing seems obvious and un-natural and the acting is un-nuanced. I’m disappointed and hope that it will change soon. None of the characters are as interesting as they were last season.

I thought it was interesting that the big event of that episode was not explicitly the focus of the following one.That’s how most shows would have handled it, perhaps with a funeral episode. In the second episode since Nate was killed, we saw that Sammy was still living with Nate’s family, although I’m not sure that was a good idea.

Yup, I’m saving 'em up. Maybe this weekend I’ll marathon-watch.