Soviet realism on sale?

Does anyone know where I could buy a Soviet realist poster? Or a poster made to look like one? I’ve looked for them in search engines but I can’t find any for sale. (I have no idea why I want one of these posters, so don’t bother asking.)

What, you want to buy a real original poster? Or a modern reproduction? Try poking around this URL:

They list a few galleries, I liked this one:

I don’t know if these works are for sale. They look expensive.

It’s not realism…but you can get Soviet propaganda posters at , some of them quite cheap.

What I really want is Chinese propaganda posters…they are so compelling. If anyone has any information on where to get them please tell me!

All I can say is that those Propaganda posters are cool. :slight_smile:

If you get one, you must occasionally turn towards it and remark that you never noticed how nice Stalin’s smile is (was).