Translation Help (possibly Russian?)

I have this old advert I want to add to my online gallery, but I know close to nothing about it. AFAIK it’s some sort of advert about paints, and I think it’s Russian. Does anyone know at least the gist of what it’s saying?

Here is a link on my server - it’s a 400kb JPG.

It’s in Russian, but in prerevolutionary spelling (there were a few letters lopped out of the alphabet under Lenin), so it’s a bit weird to read for those used to modern print. And yes, it’s an ad for a place in Moscow that sells paints, lacquers, and chemicals.

Does the business have a name, or is there something descriptive in the work? I want to give it a proper title if I can…

It’s abbreviated, but it’s the Brothers F. and A. Shemshurin Company. Not sure what first names the F. and A. stand for - either could be one of a variety of things.

I collect old Russian posters, is this just a computer image, or do you own it (and is it for sale)? I’m a huge RSG (Russian Studies Geek).

It’s a scan of an IRL poster that I bought on a CD of public domain images (scans of public domain images are public domain too, at least in the United States, see Bridgeman v. Corel…). Feel free to download and share the scan, but I have no idea at all where the original poster is, I fear.

Thank you, Eva Luna, for the translation help.