Soylent McNuggets: you could be eating the evidence...

Egad… :eek:

Chicken Nugget Recall After Employee Covers Up Murders In Facility Meat Grinder

So…what kinda sauce do you want with your nuggets?

There’s no byline on this story, I can’t find any other news outlets carrying it, there seems to be no indication of where “Fox 3 News” is, there are less than a dozen stories in total on the entire website (including one claiming that Caitlyn Jenner was caught fellating Kanye West), and their contact into is a Gmail address and a phone number in Las Vegas which goes straight to voicemail (and the mailbox is full).

I’m calling “fake” on this.

I’m with Smapti on this until further evidence is supplied.

Looks like someone watched “Sweeny Todd” one to many times…

:smack: Thanks for digging further than I did. You’re right, it looks like this story is bullshit.

OTOH we now have a plot for whatever’s your favorite forensics-detective show.

Considering that even a tiny bit of grit/sand is easily detectable in food, I question the ability to hide (several?) ground up human skeletons in chicken nuggets. It just sounds impossible.

Obligatory citation of Roald Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter:
Proof that the author of Charley and the Chocolate Factory thought about other comestables

Not really similar. Nobody gets eaten in that. Perhaps you’re thinking of Pig.

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You nailed it.

Where did you find this… nugget of “news”?

Is there advertising on the site? You have probably been clickbaited.

Eek. :eek: I hope your antivirus is up to date, if there was advertising.

“That’s a Walther and you’ve had your 9. Now I’ll take my… 9-piece…” :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Set at Chaco Chicken?

It’s just the latest food craze - Chicken McNugguts.

And Snopes’d.

To the credit of the writer, it specifically states that the bones were buried. On the other hand, it says that hair was found in the grinder, implying that the murderer de-boned the meat but left the skin, hair, nails, etc. attached when throwing it into the grinder.

Yeah, but what about all those slaughterhouse workers who slipped and fell into the giant steaming vat, and went out into the world as Durham’s Pure Leaf Lard?

Honey Mustard. Can I specify whose Honey?

This story is fake. I live in that area; no such business exists in Iowa City, and it hasn’t hit the news here, let alone anywhere else.

Not all the stories on that website are, however. The one about the teenage boy who impersonated a physician is true.

I first saw it earlier today on a true-crime website I post on; some people over there believed it too.

I thought those nuggets were tasting better. Now I know why.

So you want someone’s honey on your nuggets, eh?

They no longer taste like chicken.