SP2, didn't you know that popups are counterproductive?

First ‘update’ since installing SP2. All goes fine. I’m told that there’s some things that won’t work until I restart the computer. Fine.
I do NOT expect a popup every fucking five minutes asking me wheter I want to restart my computer!!! Fuck off!!! I will install your software when I fucking well want!!!

I haven’t installed SP2
[Nelson Muntz]Ha ha[/Nelson Muntz]

But you’re insecure!

Windows Knows Best.

"Yeah, I fucking know. "

“WTF, don’t do that!!! I didn’t accept that shit!!”



If you do, could you take some photos?

yeah I hated that shit too so I ran services.msc found the services connected to that stupid security Icon and disabled it.

Good riddance.

All of the stuff you’re pissing and moaning about can be turned off in about 30 seconds by going into the Security Center and changing a few of the settings. “Wah! I don’t like what XP is doing to me! And I’m too lazy or stupid to spend a few seconds changing it.”

Weak-ass ranting.

What the OP is griping about is even more lame. So fucking reboot! This is difficult for you? They want you to reboot because they know full well that if you do something else, like installing some new software, or changing some Windows settings, it’s going to fuck things up because the update hasn’t completed its installation. It’s trying to save you from a screw-up, and you’re bitching?

What about the fuckupery associated with SP2 on an AMD system?

My computer has slowed to a friggin craaaaawwwwllll since I installed that oh-so-helpful update. I’m not the only one, of course.

Yeah, but wasn’t the ‘improved’ security system one of the main points of SP2? And it manages to be so annoying that turning it off is a logical option?

Have you ever actually seen this happen? I’ve done a full install of my complete system without rebooting at all until I was finished. Worked fine for me. And if it was so crucial to reboot immediately, why give the option of not rebooting?

The only actual problem I can find in the first page of those hits is related to Microsoft’s support for the brand-new (and quite ace) AMD feature of Data Execution Protection, which conflicted with one piece of software (a DVD codec), and is fairly easily worked around. Most of the hits are pages which contain the keywords, but do not in fact detail a specific problem; many are users asking whether there is a problem. FWIW, I’m running an A64 system with SP2, and it’s absolutely fine. Do you know that it’s a conflict between SP2 and your processor? Most of the problems with SP2 I’ve seen have involved installations on systems where spyware was present on the machine. Is this possible on your PC?

You don’t have to turn it off. All you have to do is set it so that it does its work silently, and so that it doesn’t warn you about things you’ve already taken care of (like keeping your own antivirus package up-to-date).

Yes, I have. Not with XP, granted, but with prior Windows incarnations (back in the days when I was a sysadmin type, and had a few hundred PCs to deal with). I’m sure XP is more robust, but back in Win 95/98, there were some “sequential installs,” like the OS followed by Office, that would screw up big time if you didn’t reboot after each phase of the process. You may choose to trust XP’s robustness. I wouldn’t.

So that you have the chance to finish up whatever else you may have been working on while the installation was happening (though personally I wouldn’t be screwing around with ANY other application while an OS update was taking place).

Sure, the default prompting action of XP is annoying to someone who knows how to keep his PC healthy and happy. But take a look at any message board that gets a lot of PC questions. Look at how wildly fucked up people’s machines are (we get some of them here, but it’s just a drop in the bucket). How do those machines get that way? People install the AV package when the machine is new, and never update it. They don’t have a firewall, or don’t turn on the one they’ve got. They never install the OS patches that come down the pike. Those are the people the MS has to design its systems for.

For the more knowledgable user, there are quick and easy ways to cut off the “help.” So, do it, and quit kvetching!

I’ve already got it set that way. It still throws up these messages.

Yes, XP is much improved on this front (the installers without fail still tell you to reboot, but that’s a generic message that’s still applicable for a 98 install)

Sure, the default prompting action of XP is annoying to someone who knows how to keep his PC healthy and happy. …For the more knowledgable user, there are quick and easy ways to cut off the “help.” So, do it, and quit kvetching!

I can’t remember if it was on this board or not, but I remember somebody suggesting there should be an option at the beginning of the Windows installer, where you can select “Yes, I know what I’m doing”, and it would turn off every ‘helpful’ message and balloon. I really really wish that was the case.

You must have missed something, because I’m not getting any warnings at all from the XP SP2 security stuff (and I’ve got the Windows firewall turned off, since I use ZoneAlarm).

Now that idea, I can get behind! I’d call it the “Don’t Do Me Any Favors I Didn’t Ask For” option.

What I find annoying is the way Windows Update keeps pushing to get permission to go into fully automatic mode. If I wanted it to download and install updates without asking or telling me, I’d select the options to make it do that (and I expect that it would stop bugging me to see if I wanted to change it back, too). Instead, it asks me every time if it can turn on “Express Install”.

Speaking of Window’s Update, did you notice that when you run it the page in IE is setup to look like the AUTOMATIC INSTALL is the only link option and it intentionally hides the option to pick and choose which updates to install? I don’t particularly have a use for Window’s Journel Viewer so I don’t like being misled to think I have to install ALL the updates (I know better, I’m just saying).

If I know the behaviour you’re describing, it only kicks you to that screen when you have critical updates that must be installed seperately from other updates. In any event, I don’t recall it doing anything like that with anything other than the critical updates.

Granted you may be skeptical about what crap MS chooses to call “critical.” But that’s a problem with the way MS categorizes things… the idea itself isn’t bad.

Giving users a choice, and forcing them to remake that choice every time unless they’ve made the “recommended” choice is another matter.

I just got a new computer (today!) so I’m still getting the hang of XP, but all the popups are driving me nuts! I know I just need to take the time to play around and get things fully set up to my liking, but in the meantime I’d gladly go for some form of “I’m not an idiot, so stop treating me like one” option that got rid of the bloody things.

Yup, it’s far from brain surgery.