Spa Chemistry

My spa chemistry is out of line and testing is getting strange results.

On the bromide/clorine test the sample is comming up red not yellow.
On the Ph test the sample is comming up purple.
I brought home some ph strips and they read around 7.
I am going to test for hardness and see what I get.

Anyone out there with experience with controlling spa chemistry.

Are there numbers associated with those colors? I don’t think all the colors are standardized. Or what test strips are you using.

Maybe the easiest thing is to just drain it and start with new water.

You can get all the information you need at Trouble Fee Pool. I suggest you start with “ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry” and move on to “How to Chlorinate Your Pool” in Pool School.

If you need more advice, post a message in the forums there. There are many experts in those forums and they are always friendly and helpful.

That is the problem the colors do not match any number.
The Ph with phenol red colors range from yellow 6.8 range, to dark red 8.2 range.
I am getting a purple color?

The Br/Cl range from clear 0.4 range, to dark yellow 3.0 range.
I am getting red?

The strips that I am using are Ph strips from Ph0 to Ph14. The reading that I am getting is around 7.