Space Cadets -- new reality show in development

I must admit that I am a HUUUUGE hater of reality shows. Truly, I’m disgusted at the direction in which mainstream television has gone.

But this really intrigues me.

Full article here:

Listen, I am well aware of the fact that there are some really stupid people out there and some of them will believe just about anything.

But I have to ask, what are the chances of getting these people for the show?

I mean, it’s supposed to be an orbital flight, right? No way you’re gonna orbit without being in free fall/microgravity. That’s what orbit is. How many people are gonna believe that for some BS reason, there’s gravity? Well, maybe a lot, what do I know?

It’s an intriguing concept, certainly. But if they get real brain-dead dumbasses, how interesting will the show be to viewers? I think they may be planning on the hoax being found out, instead and planning accordingly.

Huge risk IMHO.

So it’s reasonably safe to say that you didn’t RTFA?

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I agree with you (and so do the producers, btw) that it’s a huge risk. It may well be that the joke is turned around onto the producers themselves is people figure out.

One more quote

Ahh, thanks. Didn’t catch that one.

Uh, me?

I can’t pull up the meaning of that, and I tried FAQs, but no matter…I can RTFA with the best of you!! Bring it on!

Here ya go :slight_smile:

And if that doesn’t work:

“Uh, this is mission control. We regret to inform you that Missy was sucked out the airlock while everyone else was sleeping. Please carry on with your mission.”