Space Mummy. From Whence????

Here in “Sluggy Freelance” a “Space Mummy” is introduced by a guest artist.

On This Comic’s News Sidebar the guest artist (who is a very talent cartoonist, in my opinion) says this of the character’s origins–

After going through several hundred uncataloged pages of Diesel Sweeties I concluded I wasn’t going to locate his version of Space Mummy.

But I know I’ve seen a space mummy somewhere before! :confused:

I think it was in a cartoon, vintage 1950s or 70s.

But, what?

Speak to me of Space Mummies. What, where, when, why?

A Google search on the term Space Mummy (Which you really could have done yourself, you know.) revealed this.

Perhaps that is what you were thinking of? Battle of the Planets was also known as G-Force if that’s any help.

Thanks, but no.

There was an earlier Space Mummy. 60’s?

Maybe Mumra from the Thundercats?

The current incarnation of Spummy appeared as a collaboration among several cartoonists at a convention last year. I think I first became aware of his existence when he popped up in Wigu.