Help? Space alien drawing in ''National Geographic.''

OK, about six months ago, I was sitting in my dentist’s office waiting for my cleaning, browsing thru the various magazines.

I came across a NG magazine that had a cartoon published in, maybe, 1904, depicting a space alien. It also mentioned the cartoonists name. I thought that was interesting, so I wrote it down on a slip of paper and stuck it in my wallet.

Well, guess what? I forgot about that one, and some time later, when I was cleaning out my wallet (you know, receipts and junk), I must have accidentally thrown out that slip with the info.

If anyone here subscribes, and has a back issue, could you please supply the info on what issue it was. I remember only two things:

  1. It was on the last page or so of the entire magazine, and
  2. The only article that I specifically remember was something like “The World’s Most Beautiful Natural Wonders” or something like that. Bryce Canyon was one of the features; however, I don’t know for a fact that the cartoon was in that issue. That’s just the only article I can remember reading while I was waiting.


The magazines in your dentist’s waiting room are 99 years old? Jesus! And I thought my dentist was bad!


That’s the one! Many thanks!

The page says “This Martian has never before been published in the magazine.” How can that be the one?

The Flashback is usually something out of their archives. You’ll see that that flashback is from 2000, flashing back to '01. In other words it’s a direct quote from the January 2000 magazine.