Space-race era pro-NASA propaganda aimed at HS kids?

About ten years ago, I caught some programs on late-late night TV that looked to be '50s or '60s-era propaganda pieces extolling the space-race. I think that they were probably put out by NASA. They seemed to be directed towards high-school aged kids, because they devoted some segments to kids who showed promise as scientists or engineers. But mostly, they consisted of segments describing what kinds of missions NASA had planned, with animations depicting how the spacecraft would separate and land, so forth.

I’d like to find these again. Does my description ring any bells?

It doesn’t sound like your description, but Disney made a series of programs for their Disneyland series in the 1950s. They made these in color, although they were originally broadcast in black and white (some segments were later broadcast in color on Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and elsewhere). They depicted recreations of future missions, using animation and live-action sections with life-size mockups. There were interviews with Willy Ley and Werner von Braun and others, but nothing with school-age kids.

the entire series is available as one of those tin-canned “Disney’s Treasures” DVD sets:

I just watched some of those on YouTube. They are fun, but they aren’t what I remember.

Much of the programs were a lot like this:

NASA put out a ton of industrials for the project as a whole and for each mission. I have some. I’ll post titles when I get home.
One of these is a DVD set with some of this film and also chunks of the CBS coverage of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13.

Yeah, the NASA PR department was great for giving stuff out. I got a whole set of (for lack of a better term) “astronaut headshots” back in the mid-60s. They would send out promo packets for the Gemini missions, nice little pamphlets, all kinds of stuff, just for the price of a fan letter.

Yes, OP I remember those! The English-language station here used to put them on as “educational” filler quite frequently. Darn, if I only could recall the actual title!