Space Station's First Woman Commander to Bring Up A Whip

That’s the headline on the BBC/Americas page:

I SO want to join the space program right now…

and maybe some knee-high space boots?
Luuuuuuusssst Innnnnn Spaaaace!!

Can you use a whip in free fall?

Anybody seen EvilCaptor?

In space, no one can hear you whimper.

I bet she pokes somebody’s eye out.

“She was presented with a “kamcha” - a traditional Kazakh riding whip.”

Ah, I thought it was going to be a knout they used to beat the serfs. My, that pic to the right looks kinky, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

In Soviet Space Station woman whips you!

Wait, I did that wrong.

She is not hot.

Spend six months in the ISS and I bet you change your tune.

“Never mess with a woman who has a whip in her hand.”

My only question, when I saw this on the news last night, was “Does she have a black leather space suit?”. Typo Knig looked intrigued. Should I be worried?

And of course, what about stiletto astronaut boots? Seems like those might be dangerous, I mean in space you want to avoid the risk of inappropriate punctures, right?