I was just listening into the communication between a cosmonaut who is performing a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS) and mission control:

The cosmonaut said: “There should be an adapter down somewhere” (followed by a few seconds of static noise).

I guess I should give myself a pass whenever I feel I’m not organized enough or unprepared for a task.

Huh, I never knew you could listen in. Imagine all the fun they could have:

1: What’s that over there?
2: It’s just the moon.
1: Wait . . . that’s not the moon; it’s a space station!

I imagine they spend most of their time too focused on not slipping and falling into the infinite void of space to make jokes.

“Oh gee, I left the keys in the cockpit. Er, Houston, do you guys have a spare set down there?”

Now I’m wondering why they lock the door. Are there random visitors they’re not telling us about?

Also if that ever happened NASA would need to name the mission “AAA”

That was live coverage on NASA TV.