Central Command for Moonwalk...?

So I’ve got a pretty weird question. Is there a list anywhere of the names of the people who were actually in Central Command (I think that’s what it’s called) when they walked on the moon in 69? I’m asking because…well someone in my training class at work claimed that his mother was there and he’s only 17. So I’m calling BS on him but I need facts. This is the same guy who claims he computer servers are cooled via liquid nitrogen. But that’s a whole other subject :stuck_out_tongue:

NASA has an official historical department. You could drop them an email and find out. I’ve seen oodles of photos of Mission Control (that’s the name of it, BTW) and I can’t recall seeing a woman in any of them from that era. It’s all guys with white shirts, dark ties, glasses and pocket protectors. :smiley:

If think you are talking about the Mission Control Center at JSC (Houston). I don’t know if they kept rosters of the teams. If the person worked a console, their name would probably appear in the log book for that console position.

One of the first female Flight Controllers at Mission Control was named Linda Patterson, as I recall, but I think she arrived after the moon-landing days. I think.

Thanks guys, but I don’t know if I’m up to going as far as emailing Nasa. I do agree with the notion that women were not a part of Nasa (at least not the technical side) in that era.

It’s just another one of his attention seeking claims that he always brags about. The computer thing, his grandfather being a guard at Alcatraz (maybe…), speaking Japanese (I’ve called him on that since I do speak it :p), having worked for Intel (my ass), having about 15 computer software competency certificates (none of them easy), having his own business (again, another maybe). It just gets real old real fast :expressionless:

By any chance does the business he owns service elevators ?