Space travel domains, only 60 kilobucks!

Another wacky eBay item. This guy is selling two space travel related domain names: and He’s received one offer, which he has declined.

Okay, I appreciate that owning a unique domain name can be lucrative. Who wouldn’t want to have owned or some other address that a large company would want to buy? But this guy is asking people to bet 60 kilobucks that these particular domains will be so very desirable that a company that offers space travel will want to pay a lot to get them from the owner. Not bloody likely, for these names.

How very silly. Those aren’t even particularly good names. I just spent about 30 seconds on a domain registration site and found “” available. Get it now for … whatever the standard registration charge is nowadays. Ten bucks?

Not only that, but he has them listed under “vehicles”. Single-engine aircraft, to be specific.