Spaced Penguin (addicting game)

I had to tell someone, and the members of the SDMB are the lucky few.

At the time of this post, I have posted today’s highest score of 28,627,259 for Spaced Penguin.

I’ve been addicted to this game for the better part of a week, and I’ve finally hit the big time. I wonder if I can put my achievement on my resume?

Crap!!! When I lost the link for this game I thought I would finally be able to kick the habit. DAMN! There goes the rest of this week. :smack:

I have a long, long way to go.

Me, too.

I put him into orbit a couple of times. Cool.

Dude, disable Java. Works for me (although it’s a bit drastic).

You evil, evil man…

I actually have a long, long way to go too.

Have you checked out the all-time high scores? They’re in the [Dr. Evil]Billions[/Dr. Evil]!!!

Well, I just discovered another way…

… downgrade your machine to WinNT4.0 – apparently the shockwave 10 player required is not compatible with NT4.

Now that’s drastic.

What an evil game, gotta go now it’s calling me

Okay, so I’m a doctor at a major university hospital. I read that first post yesterday and played my first game. One of my collegues saw and fired up a game of his own.
As of today, 24 hours later, there are seven of us sitting in front of two computers and keeping a list of the best trajectories found to date.

Just wanted to share the love.

Here is a related applet . Click and drag to send a satellite into orbit. I got a figure-8 going one time but the satellite eventually came crashing down. Somewhere in New Jersey I think.

  1. Almost all of it on level 6, a simple single-body system where I managed to get into an eliptical orbit where my trace filled almost all the screen before I hit the ship.


This is really fun. The penguin is great, but the gravitional attraction of the black hole makes it really interesting.

I liek the duct tape ball one better.


My penguin score was a mere 322,372.


I wish the sattelite one kept track of orbits. I got one going and left the page up, and it’s still going now 30 minutes later. Its orbit goes off screen. Most of the stable orbits I’ve made get snagged by the moon at some point.

Is there like a cheat place that shows the optimal path?

I’ve got him stuck on a back-and-forth trajectory now… been going like this for 3 minutes now. Looks like a Spirograph gone mad.

Knorf - What duct tape ball? Tell me more!

Ok, yeah, I’m a bit retarded today.

Never mind!

The best I can do is 582,336. I’m currently #9 for today.


Now I’ve gotta postpone my vacation!