Spaghetti harvest in Switzerland!

Like many pasta aficionados around the world, I am eager to see what the spaghetti season 2014 will bring. I found a BBC report from 1957 on Youtube about the spaghetti harvest in the Ticino region of Switzerland (near the Italian border). Golden memories!

BBC: Spaghetti-Harvest in Ticino

I was going to Delaware to see the domestic spaghetti harvest, but it turned to be closed today.

A thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing this classic news footage!

Now if we could just get some footage of people picking pineapples right off the tree…

Yeah, today’s spaghetti trees are all GM, and so much is hydroponically grown. It doesn’t have the same flavor of the older varietals.

I don’t know about GM, but I know that current spaghetti trees are a hybrid of Quercus Fettucinicus and Q. Foliculus, or Angel Hair Tree. I heard that they’ve been experimenting with grafting a Bolonese bush onto Parma Rosa root stock.

I’m tired of hearing about GM. Do you really think the spaghetti being harvested in the 50s came from wild spaghetti trees? Just like every other variety of pasta these trees have been cross-bred for centuries ever since the first shoots of Chinese spaghetti trees were brought back to Italy by Marco Polo.

Neat. Any footage of the gnocchi harvest? I heard that they use specially trained pigs to track them down, like they do with truffles. It’s a lot harder because your average gnoccho doesn’t have much of a scent.

Almost all of those wild strains were wiped out in Europe by Pasta Blight in the 20’s and Sauce Rust in the 40’s. Linguine vines are just about the only pasta plant that has come down from the original import relatively unchanged. And even they have been selectively bred for centuries for increased yield.