SPAM: As timely as today's headlines!

Has anyone gotten this particular piece of spam yet? I find it incredibly amusing, for some reason:

*Good day,


This message may come to you as a surprise I am contacting you because of the problem we are having in my country Libya which the problem is getting more tough

everyday I am. Aisha Gaddafi the daughter of Muammar Gaddafi the president of Libya I am right now in west Africa I have some hug amount of money which I need a foreign

partner to invest if you are interested to assist me on this transaction which I will compensate you get back to me for more detail and also keep it confidential reply

me on this email: [redacted]

send me your full name, address, telephone number including your occupation

Yours sincerely
Aisha Gaddafi*

Come as a surprise? I should say so! And when I am told that she has a hug amount of money, I find that I am indecently intrigued! Hmmmmmmm!

Anyway, thought I would share my chuckle for the day. :slight_smile:

ADDED: I just read this out loud to my wife and nearly ran out of breath.